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  1. yah but you gotta remember that this place is about the animals. think of how expensive it might be to own and care for all of them. Marineland will finish their rides when they have the money, even if it does take 23 years
  2. i was at marineland yesterday and construction for the topple tower hasn't even started yet. and they are finished the volcano structure for dragon mountian (it is the most pointless thing on the ride) and they have started building a new structure on the ride oh yeah sorry to dissipoint you guys but they are building topple tower at the back of the park (right across from dm)
  3. a new resturaunt opened this year at wonderland with awesome rotiserie chicken ***EDIT**** and now i feel like a complete retard cause someone wrote the same thing on the same page
  4. acutally my dad was watching the buissness channel (the one that has the stock reports scrolling across the bottom) and he called me in cause they were saying that Magic mountiann was already for sale along with a couple other six flags parks.
  5. I think I should get surgury on my nose, it looks kind of weird cause I was born without any cartilidge in there.
  6. Wonderland - 20 minutes Marineland - 2 hours Cedar Point - 3 hours Six Flags Darien Lake - 2.5 hours Six Flags LaRonde - 5.7 hours
  7. IJ on opening weekend of wonderland I'm going tomarrow I'll probly finish the day with top gun
  8. yay it works! there is some scenery missing from this ride becuase I did not use any hacks or any of that nonsense I build this coaster from what the game gives you. If you guys don't think the track work is accuarte, compare it with a picture. I dare you and the spash part at the end stopping for the helecopter Note: (there is no helecopter) diving donw into the subway tunnel The Train being launched out of the station overview of Itailin Job
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