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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 791: Big Bear Mountain family coaster announced for 2023!

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^Not sure what's happening there with that train but the video that VF15 posted above you certainly shows it's testing today


The coaster has 2 trains. From the number of sections sitting on the ground, it appears to only be 1 train off the track broken up. Not sure why they took the one train off last night, but one is off and sitting on the ground.

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Quick question, I remember hearing that DW had the option of a free visit the night before, with a purchase of a 1-day ticket. Is this policy still existent? I can't find it online. If so, can somebody explain how it works?

Yes, I did that yesterday. Since I bought my ticket after 3 pm yesterday, I got to come back today for free.


As for Lightning Rod, last time I walked by, someone asked some workers near the ride "Will it open today?" The response was "We don't know". Doesn't look good, but at least it wasn't a definitive "no".

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Just got off! Was on the first tech rehearsal train out! The ride is stunning!


Very cool! I'm going to the park in a few hours for the very first time and will be there tomorrow and Wednesday.


Did someone approach you by the ride and give you that Lightning Rod pass?

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JUST RODE LIGHTNING ROD!! Absolutely phenomenal! Forceful, intense, out of control, airtime galore! My new favorite woodie! Congrats to Dollywood and RMC on a job well-done! #ItHasSoftOpened



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Monorailorange- Any details on specific elements?


So this was my first RMC, and we were assigned row 7. As I'm sure everyone is aware the train picks up speed before the hill. The launch was incredible, but really not as forceful as I thought it'd be, but still an absolute blast! The air time on "Dolly's humps" was great and the first drop just seems to go on forever! I was out of my seat all the way down! The overbanked turns carry terrific speed, but the outter bank hill for me was a OMFG moment! I loved it! The quad down was just plain fun, ejecting out of my seat by the 2nd, 3rd and 4th hill, and the large turnaround back to the brakes at the station was quick and snappy! Overall a fantastic coaster with quick transitions and blistering speed throughout!

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