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What was your first coaster with inversions?

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Mine was Rock n Rollercoaster at Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios. I was around 14 I think. The reason why it took so long was because I always hated coasters whit inversions. I remember I had a pretty hard argument before we started the queue. I told my parents a hundred times it was a coaster but my parents didn't believe me they said its was a simulation ride. Well at the end I turned out to be right and my parents wrong. I think my mother was immediately punished because she hates inversions too.

It had a good twist in my life from that point on I stared to lose my fear of inversions and now I dare to ride every ride on a theme park.

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Nessie - Schwarzkopf Loopingracer - at Hansa-Park, then Hansaland, was my first amusement park looper.


The Schwarzkopf Katapult and the Dreier-Looping - Triple Loop also by Schwarzkopf - were my first carnival loopers. The later is still active in Mexico.




Found this clip featuring the Triple Loop on Oktoberfest 1983 in a movie by german comedian Didi Hallervorden. I can't really remember the shoulder-harness free trains - maybe only for the movie....? I was quite young when I rode this and utterly thrilled so my memory on such "non-essentials" is a lil clouded after that many years....

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Did anyone ever go on something like a B&M looper or Arrow megalooper for their first?

I imagine the experience would have been memorable.


Yeahh... my first lopper was Medusa at SFDK... I loved it!


Medusa at SFDK

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my first coaster was the Jetscream coaster at Six flags St. Louis. it opened the year I worked at the park, and we got to ride it during our orientation. we got to ride it before the general public. unfortunately it was only at the park for a few years they removed it when Ninja was installed, and turned the queue house into a dance pavilion called tremors.. coaster went to Astroworld and became Viper.


I loved it the first time I rode it, and it was also cool because there was no over the shoulder restraints, just a lap bar...


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