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  1. Nice park! Well landscaped and all the woodies seem to have loads of airtime!
  2. It would be awesome to see a wooden intamin hyper at CP. Then, it will be the 5th intamin coaster in the park! But i don't think they have space to do this, only if the demolish Mean Streak.
  3. I think it would be nice if they put in an intamin or gravity group woodie! BTW, luminosity is really nice
  4. I'm appreciating this reports a lot. Keep on the great work!
  5. Winged is really cool. Better than any Vekoma Flyer i've ever seen!
  6. Sandusky having a 30 ft tall height restriction. What's worse than Six Flags Magic Mountain demolishing X2?
  7. No coaster or theme park being opened. What's worse than Michel Teló?
  8. Cedar Fair and Six Flags demolishing all of it's attractions. What's worse than Vekoma buying B&M and transforming all of it's inverts into SLCs, and all of it's sitdowns into Boomerangs?
  9. The mini-golf looks amazing. And why did they need to do that with Jaws? It was such a nice area... But Harry Potter expansion will be just as good, if not better!
  10. Rock n' roller coaster starrin aerosmith at disneyland paris
  11. I was planning to do a trip like this: Arrive in Cleveland, go to Waldameer, Kennywood, Lakemont Park, Hersheypark, Knoebels, Dorney and Siz Flags Great Adventure. I think it is a good idea, burt it includes some driving... Hoped I helped you!
  12. Hulk. The only B&M launched coaster. Edit :Most intense launch: Rock n' roller coaster starring Aerosmith(france and united states).
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