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  1. Nice park! Well landscaped and all the woodies seem to have loads of airtime!
  2. It would be awesome to see a wooden intamin hyper at CP. Then, it will be the 5th intamin coaster in the park! But i don't think they have space to do this, only if the demolish Mean Streak.
  3. I think it would be nice if they put in an intamin or gravity group woodie! BTW, luminosity is really nice
  4. I'm appreciating this reports a lot. Keep on the great work!
  5. Winged is really cool. Better than any Vekoma Flyer i've ever seen!
  6. Sandusky having a 30 ft tall height restriction. What's worse than Six Flags Magic Mountain demolishing X2?
  7. No coaster or theme park being opened. What's worse than Michel Teló?
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