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  1. Wow those are really great pictures, you can see the whole scope! And it is really tall looking!
  2. ^A lot of sentences referring to a roller coaster as "she" lol. I've only ever heard that pronoun applied to ships, and maybe some cars. Very odd.
  3. Yay for Elitch Gardens! God knows the Colorado enthusiasts have faced a lot of heartbreak with this park in the past...
  4. A giga (maybe record-breaking) would be cool and seems like something viable given how tightly they can compact them these days. With B&M out, it seems completely possible. Plus there's incentive to beat Knott's to it.
  5. ^Well, Flashback and Pandemonium already have orange supports. But then Flashback is blue and Pandemonium is green. So all three choices would have been bad. Should have come up with a different unused color scheme.
  6. What a cool idea you should tell someone at the park that. They might do it.
  7. Yes that second picture is quite spectacular, thank you for taking it. It's really amazing to me how steep that drop is compared to other hyper coasters, it's a very sharp. Millennium Force for example I think has a much smoother and rounded drop.
  8. I haven't seen anywhere, where exactly is this located in the park? From the preview videos it looks like it's near the boomerang but I can't tell.
  9. Wow sadly I'm familiar with the artist that composed the old Riddler music. I need to get outside more.
  10. But is that area of the park flat? I believe Bizarro would require a pretty even surface to be installed, it might be more likely it ends up in the parking lot.
  11. How about the Vekoma boomerangs? Those started being made in the 80s I think and many are in rough condition these days. And how about Looping Starships? And most Enterprises, Pirate Ships, and Round-Ups are getting old too. I think removing these is mostly due to operating and repair costs as people have said, but I also think to a degree it's due to an advancement of technology. Inverted coasters succeeded suspended coasters, and there are so many new interesting flat rides that companies are selling these days that some of the older common ones like I've listed will lose their appeal as people come to expect a more dynamic experience. Cookie-cutter coasters like all the old double corkscrews, boomerangs, and slcs are being replaced with new cookie cutter models like the euro fighters, zacspins, and the spinning wild mice. At least we can take solace that most of the remaining arrow megaloopers will probably only be removed from their parks to be replaced by something equally cool, like how SUF replaced Shockwave and Green Lantern replaced GASM. I just hope when Loch Ness Monster does finally make it to the scrap pile, it will be because its spot is needed for something new and awesome (and that hopefully has a picturesque interlocking loop over the river).
  12. ^I recall from a looong time ago that Mind Eraser used to have some kind of misting or spraying effect at the bottom of the first drop when it swoops over the pond, is that not there any more?
  13. Wow that seem's like a steep price raise for one ride. But it's a really awesome looking ride. I had to look up what you meant by "kiwi encounter" because it sounded something like this:
  14. I forgot about the Lodge theming, that's a good point. And Darien Lake's best asset is its ability to easily expand being in the middle of nowhere, so I can see an indoor water park getting appended to the existing lodge building.
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