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What was your first coaster with inversions?

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^ Mine, too! Gosh, and it felt like such a huge deal to me at the time--especially once I finally worked up the nerve to put my hands up through the loop (that didn't happen for quite a few rides!). Still a quality ride, too.


Couldn't agree with you more!

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Probably Thunderbolt at Dreamworld, at least that would be the first that didn't back back into a trailer. A portable looper at Sydney Royal Easter Show would have been the very first. And my first looping coaster overseas - Dragon at Ocean Park, Hong Kong. First in the USA - Viper at SFMM.

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Way back in time, in the early 80's, as a very young boy my dad drug me on the Loch Ness Monster. I was shittin my pants, and shakin when I got off that thing. I vowed never to ride another coaster in my life and pretty much fulfilled that promise the rest of the day. I was afraid to get on anything else because of that feeling I got when we shot down the first drop. I think that was also my first foray into airtime. Now mind you I was under the age of 10 and I really don't think they measured anyone back then because I swear I was going to fly right out of the seat! Little did I know that the next summer no one could get me off of these things! Now I have a 9 year old son of my own and am patiently trying to get him up to the big boy stage of coastering. Spinning Mice will do just fine for him, but he says this summer he is going to ride the big ones.......we shall see....

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You know, it's kinda funny, but as a kid I was terrified of the notion of going upside-down. Not sure why exactly, but any coaster with inversions freaked me out. Then, in its last year of operation, I rode Kennywood's Laser Loop....and loved it!


I remember saying to myself, "Wow, that wasn't so bad at all!"

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