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  1. The problem I had with Stampida was just how odd the trains are... It's like sitting on a separated park bench! (I have only ever ridden it once, in the middle... I felt no more rides on it were needed, lol.) Though I must ride it in the front sometime to get another opinion.
  2. Flat rides come and go in trends just the same way certain models of coasters do. In recent years we've seen the boom in popularity of Star Flyers, Screamin' Swings and more recently the Air Race... Before then we had the years when HUSS were king, not so much now! Also with the rise of the 4D coaster, and more coasters which aim to combine flat ride movements into a coaster design, some parks must see this as a more marketable and attractive option instead of just sticking in a new flat ride. When parks are adding flat rides though, they do seem to be acting more 'safe' these days, with a lot of duplicates, but this happens worldwide when everyone knows that a ride is reliable, can draw a crowd, doesn't break the bank to purchase... etc etc. It's a similar story with the US carnivals & fairs, if you look at KMG's Facebook page they post updates about what rides they are constructing regularly. It's interesting to notice how they are selling more single-trailer rides such as the Speed (Booster) to showmen instead of multi-trailer rides. The flat ride market is full of choice right now... I think it's just the case of building up trust with manufacturers and parks becoming more able to market them to appeal towards the guests. Naturally though it tends to be taller thrill rides such as drop towers and swing towers which parks are choosing because they can market them with raw facts, 'tallest in...' etc!
  3. Tony Clark tweeted a reply saying 'Not yeT' in response to a question about confirming 2015 announcement dates... The only thing that came to my mind when i read that was KumbaK... (caps start and end)
  4. I *love* Saw: The Ride. I'd rate it my no.2 UK coaster. The relentlessness around some parts of the ride and few spots of airtime are great, nice and forceful. People complain that it's too rough but i love it!
  5. Looks like it's going to be one awesome drop tower. Nice to see Intamin pushing the limits again. It's going to be interesting to see how the restraints turn out, something which makes you feel exposed to the elements / minimalist yet holds you in comfortably but doesn't make you feel like you're wrapped in cotton wool would be great!
  6. Most likely Eberhard's Wilde Maus XXL at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, London, UK. Rode this Wild Mouse a couple of weeks back and the two 'big' drops make it quite good compared to your standard Mack Mouse! The queue line is also partly a fun house, so can be quite entertaining.
  7. Added / adding everyone on the list right now. I'm lukeayerZzz
  8. ^Nope, Thorpe doesn't open for February 1/2 term, although i'm sure the actual ride could be ready for then if it were to open, not so sure about the theming etc. The queue line hasn't even been started yet. The park is due to open with The Swarm on 15th March though, that's after all the preview days and stuff of course.
  9. Woo testing. Now we just need a video to go with the pics It still puzzles me as to why this Wing Rider has only 7 cars, whereas all of the others are going to have 8. Ah well, will still be a great coaster with some excellent theming!
  10. Done This could bring out some interesting results.
  11. If i had to suggest a ride to get you to love coasters, i would say Nemesis Inferno straight away, it's the ride that made me have a passion for coasters and i have loved the ride ever since. Then i'd give Stealth a go and then basically the same as what Robb said.
  12. ^ Alton do still sell individual fastracks, they all have different prices though. I bought one for Spinball when i visited last week and it was £4 for one ride. Most of the other 'big' rides are also from £3-£4 for individual fastracks. Th13teen and Rita fastracks are £5each or you can get a combined ticket for Rita and Th13teen for £10-which doesn't seem to make too much sense to me as it's the same price as buying one for each. On the note of ERT, I got 3 rides on Oblivion in the first 20-30 mins of ERT and then 1 on Rita, we then got in the Th13teen queue for opening time. Either that or you could do the Forbidden Valley side of the park and go on Nemesis tonnes of times
  13. This ship looks AMAZING! The flowrider and Zipline also look awesome, just like the rest of the ship Looks like you are having a great time! Did anyone else notice the error on the menu for the Thai BBQ Chicken it said served with 'Lemong Rass!' and for the Poll I chose #1.
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