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  1. The dip on Jack Rabbit always catches my stomach by suprise and on a steel coaster, I still love the drop on Milennium Force.
  2. Vortex- Kings Island, I loved it so much I wasted a whole day just riding it.
  3. 1. Drop the World- Lil' Wayne 2. Love the Way You Lie- Eminem 3. Buffalo Soldier- Bob Marley 4. Hey Jude- Beatles 5. Nightmare- Avenged Sevenfold 6. That's All She Wrote- T.I ft. Eminem 7. My Body- Young the Giant 8. It Was A Good Day- Ice Cube 9. Flash Delirium- MGMT 10. Hello, Goodbye- Beatles
  4. Kings Island: 1 hour Cedar Point: 4 hours Strickers Grove: 1:30
  5. see This is How they Tought you To spell In kindergarten, Now that Is something To rant About.
  6. Hey, I'm Austin, I read many reviews of trips that you guys went on. So I decided to create an account and give some of my thoughts.
  7. It's been a while, but I remember going to a Dr. Dre concert when I was 10.
  8. People that can't spell and/or use correct grammer! It's ok if you may have some type of issue that may make you to cause mistakes. But those who are perfectly fine should have time to check their post!
  9. I was watching the original Predator yesterday, the one with Arnold in it and I must say I was very impressed. The plot was impressive. The idea of the U.S soldiers going on a mission and getting killed while on it is pretty cool. Not to mention the weapons the Predator had. I really liked this movie and I hope I can get my hands on the new one.
  10. I haven't visited Magic Springs either. I hope I get the chance to soon, thanks for the photos Shane.
  11. That resort looks beautiful and Kidtums skis better than I do and better than I'll ever do!
  12. I would have to agree with the Coaster Wars. There were too many huge coaster popping up around the United States. Like Top Thrill Dragster and Kingda Ka. But I would also say Arrow going out, even though them going out of buisness probably made them so much popular, I wish they were still around. Also Six Flags Astroworld going down. It was such a great park until Six Flags took it over and like most of their other parks they shut it down.
  13. Flight Deck- Kings Island I wish it had the old color scheme back and in some areas it's getting rougher as the years go on.
  14. - 4D coasters - B&M Megas - Launched Coasters For parks, I would say probably Six Flags loosing stock.
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