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  1. That just made me realize that somehow in the 4 or 5 times I've been to Holiday World I have never had to wait in line for the Voyage more than maybe 5 or 10 minutes. I guess I've just always gone on empty days! I didn't even realize Voyage had a big room with that many switchbacks. Is it under the station?
  2. Definitely an amazing view. Gonna have to make it there some day.
  3. Happiness is.... living down the street from Busch Gardens Williamsburg.
  4. I think I love you all even more now, after reading all the posts its clear we all agree that roller coasters are just beautiful things. I think the list of unattractive roller coaster elements would be much smaller!
  5. Check the caption the park added for the second picture. Seems to me like a hint a xmas event. I was just gonna point that out as well.
  6. Though Maverick is an LSM launch not an LIM so really it doesn't apply anyways.
  7. Looks to me that there are hydraulics in those slots and the seats are on hinges at the bottom so they can be tilted outward.
  8. You should be the K’nex equivalent of a LEGO master builder. That’s AMAZING. True incredible original engineering. That takes skillz.
  9. Love the park! I really like the custom supports (mostly because I’m too impatient for that). My only complaint is from having worked on two B&M coasters, that MCBR is way too close to the end. Just something to think about if every making another B&M. I really like the unique arrow layout too. I think following grrt’s suggestion about the path’s would definitely help, but just applying it to new paths would work great.
  10. It looks like they are able to be zipped open and rolled up so that it can be opened up, so perhaps on hotter days when they want more air flow. Seems to me that those walking by are most likely on their way to something else anyway, but it does kind of change the way you can kind of casually watch for a moment while heading one way or the other. Those plastic shields on the theater in Italy were added late last season--they may have been there for Howl-O-Scream and were definitely there for Christmastown. My guess would be that maybe they'll take them down once it gets into HOT season there in VA, but they left them up for early Spring...... I’m pretty sure they are going to keep it enclosed all year. They will just open the windows up during the hotter months. Makes the transition from normal operation to fall/christmastown operation much easier.
  11. The seats are exactly the same, the only difference is that the double belts are a little bit longer than the single belts. The hump is in the middle on all B&M coasters. With a belly measurement of 56 you might run into trouble. At Alpengeist the signs say that "guests with chest sizes approaching 52" might have trouble getting in.
  12. I would have to say BGW, it would fit beautifully in the spot that Big Bad Wolf left behind.
  13. KDCOASTERFAN - The belts are a little longer than a half an inch longer. I don't know about any non-B&Ms but you should be good. Also, at BGW the seat belts on Alpengeist are a little shorter than on Griffon so not sure if that applies between different B&Ms in Orlando. adeuce02 is correct however in that it depends on who is putting you in. Some team members refuse to squeeze people into seats while it is just harder for other team members to do so.
  14. 1 - Scooby Doo @ Kings Dominion (17 months old) 100 - Kentucky Rumbler @ Beach Bend (2007)
  15. It's honestly no biggie really unless you're in a big time crunch. Operations aren't as bad as they could be but aren't spot on, either. I’m surprised their supervisors don’t freak about that. If we stack on Griffon, we better be running the rest of the hour.
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