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What was your first coaster with inversions?

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As a kid my great aunt tried to get me to ride The Incredible Hulk at IOA, I wouldn't because I was scared of the launch and going upside down. Eventually I decided that it'd be better to ride Dueling Dragons, boy was I wrong, I loved it, but then I went on Hulk afterwards and loved it even more!


Also, for my friend, he wouldn't ride Hulk because of the launch as well, so we rode Dueling Dragons over and over that day, and finally after all the adrenaline, we ran to Hulk and got a front row ride, and I got him into roller coasters.

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my first post


i stil havent been on an inverting coaster its quite embaressing that im obsessed with theme parks but im a wimp when it comes to rides my first ride that inverted was dragons claw...

but hopefully this march my first inverting coaster will be RAGE



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The classis Corkscrew at Cedar Point.



All I remember was, my stomach lurched when we hit the first inversion.



My first looper was Laser:






First Batwing inversion: Great American Scream Machine

First Immelmann inversion: Medusa

First impulse inverter: Wicked Twister



I love me some good inversions,

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Lisebergsloopen @ Liseberg. Think it was during its 1st season (1980) and i was 16. Remember that i was pretty nervous before riding but afterwards it was kind of an antiklimax. The loop wasn't scary at all, just fun.


Those were the days, back in the 80s...

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My first looping coaster was the corkscrew at Alton Towers (I was probably around 8 or 9). I came off with such a headache, I was nearly put off riding any more large coasters! Although not long after that, I went on the corkscrew at Flamingoland (I didn't realise they were the same at the time) and loved it so much I rode it almost all day!

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