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  1. 22 (17%) - It's a shame the west coast lacks woodies! 6 in California, 1 in Washington, 1 in Vancouver, BC, and the 2 out at Silverwood, ID. Plus, with the loss of Mean Streak and the opening of TC a couple of years ago, my count (of operating coasters) has taken a bit of a hit.
  2. Yep, seems fine to me. Also, I appreciate the "Full Site" option being displayed up front. A lot of websites tend to either stick it at the bottom of the page or tucked away in options, which I can't stand.
  3. "Nights in White Satin" - The Moody Blues
  4. New trailer released for Inside Out! Definitely has me interested!
  5. That would be good to see. The screens themselves seem a bit beat up and in need of repair as well.
  6. Are you sincerely doubting the hypnotizing wisdom of the Dippin Dots guy?
  7. Just thinking about it, could this spell any changes for Soarin'? Updated interiors? No more Patrick Warburton?!?!
  8. Just had to pop in and say this is one of the most incredible things I've seen posted on TPR. The level of detail is ridiculous! Kudos to you, and I wish you luck in completing it! I always make sure to check out this topic when I visit (not sure why I've never posted on it before ).
  9. No preference for me between WC and TC, so I didn't vote. They both look amazing As for Five Guys vs. In-N-Out, I would probably take Five Guys over In-N-Out. I don't really love burgers, so the huge variety of stuff they offer versus the simplicity of In-N-Out helps to customize a burger I'll actually enjoy. Although I do prefer In-N-Out's fries.
  10. The decision to close Maelstrom, I feel, is a great one. The ride, when I rode it back in 2009 or so, was severely lacking in a lot of areas and was one of the weakest rides (at least from my perspective as a one-time rider) at ANY WDW park. As for putting Frozen characters in the World Showcase, I feel fine with it. The people complaining that they don't belong at all without taking into regard the fact that Disney characters have been in the showcase for YEARS is being seriously close-minded. For myself, the addition of a Frozen is absolutely a huge plus for the resort. No question about it. As for the placement in Norway, I kind of understand the resistance to more characters in the showcase, but the people saying "bu...but it doesn't fit into the original design" have to realize that the park has changed somewhat from that 1982 concept (the park itself even changed from Walt's original idea for EPCOT) and the company still thrives on the revenue from their beloved characters. Besides, the pavilions were not supposed to be 100% accurate, recreations of the countries they represent. To get the real thing, buy plane tickets to Norway instead. Back to Frozen, remodeling the attraction can only do good for both the pavilion and Norway's presence at EPCOT. There's no way a new, popular family ride (even if based on Disney characters) added to the area will attract fewer visitors to Norway than the half-assed boat cruise through swamps and oil derricks. I, for one, am happy to see something new join in.
  11. Looks like somebody took TPR Forum posts a little too seriously www.cleveland.com (last paragraph)
  12. ^ I've only been on the two I listed, New Tx. Giant and Iron Rattler, the former of which is better, but Iron Rattler is easily a top 10 ride on nearly anybody's list, so it hardly matters. Seriously, if RMC puts in something at SFMM, I think it will definitely turn people's heads in California. We don't have anything like those currently (and unfortunately)
  13. So true! Is it even fair to call it "worst"? Maybe "least best" or something
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