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  1. I have an 11 year old girl. What a nightmare, a parents worst fears....
  2. Awesome! This looks like big new to me. I had all but given up on the ride and wasn't that excited about it anyway to start but it seems to run a lot faster then the 25 mph advertised...
  3. I'm so glad I have KD and BGW as my home parks. However, when I go to BGW I feel like I'm in a special world. When I'm at KD I just feel like it's a state fair with really good rides. I guess I'm a junkie for theming. KD has some great rides but to me BGW is just more of an experience. I do enjoy KD's haunt to BGW's though, it is much, much better in my opinion....
  4. I was hoping for something that was at least on par with Cheeta Hunt. I'm a little dissapointed today...
  5. Very cool. Always love seeing pics of my favorite park. Thanks for this...
  6. It's been 7 months since I last flew. Arrrggghhh, I'm going crazy. Anyway.... I last flew on The Phoenix!
  7. I've always heard that KA breaks down a lot more. That would sway me...
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