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  1. Supposedly, X-Flight cost $15m. I'd imagine you could get a Batman-scale invert for about the same. So yeah, they could probably build one of each for $30m, but they wouldn't set any records and neither would look like the blueprints.
  2. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/images/structure/border-panel-bottom-2014.png Yeah...I guess we're waiting 'till 10...
  3. ^ For anyone who's wondering what he's referring to, I think the world record text goes inside the red box in this pic on their website:
  4. That would tend to suggest it won't be the tallest or fastest, as those records usually take precedence for advertising purposes. Steel Dragon 2000 was marketed as the world's tallest coaster, not the world's longest coaster, for example. Of course, it could still be the fastest/tallest closed circuit inverted, I guess. That might not be as marketable. Nice find.
  5. I'm inclined to think the news is looking at it backwards. The malfunction caused the closure, not the injury. I'm not sure what kind of malfunction would cause a minor injury and a closure, but according to the wait time app I use, the ride is open right now. It could also be simple park policy, closing the ride for precautionary reasons, especially if the event occurred slightly before closing time anyway. As for the news report, blame it on a heightened coaster phobia following the NTAG incident.
  6. When I was fairly young, in late '01, my family and I took a trip to the Northeast and went to BGW as part of it. I was too scared and didn't go on any of the coasters there, and I still regret it, since I was over 54" tall at the time and could have done all of them.
  7. Hey! We've made it 10 pages without a Carnival accident. What a shock.
  8. Please, please tell me they're putting in at least a few houses not based on outside IP. This will be my sixth consecutive year, and the event last year was much, much worse than the previous years, partly because there was so much outside IP. If you're going to do outside IP, Universal, do it right. Give it the same production you do for your non-IP houses. No more comparatively weak themeing, no more "We're going to do a clipshow of this movie in the house" BS, no more houses that end halfway through and just have you wander through a lightly themed deserted queue (Looking at you, last year's Walking Dead house). Last year, you did it right at Silent Hill, the year before, you did it right at The Thing, and you did it right at just about every house at 19. Make. It. Work. Make HHN 22 an anomaly, before the mediocrity swallows your event alive. Okay, rant over.
  9. If it is indeed related to any of the pictures posted so far, it's a Wing Coaster. The B&M Codes I know are: WI = Wing Coaster MC = Mega Coaster (Can be a hyper or giga in reality) SC = Sitting and Floorless Coasters DM = Dive Machine LC = Flying Coaster I don't know the inverted or standing track codes, unfortunately. I haven't been an enthusiast long enough to see a standing built, or an invert, aside from Oz'Iris, which there were no label pictures of. X-Works doesn't actually signify anything, it's done by B&M to prevent enthusiasts with cameras from ruining parks' new attractions before they're announced Another thing to note is that the cross ties can tell you whether it's inverted/flying or not. Inverted/flying coasters have a curve on the side facing away from the train. The curve is actually on both sides, but it's more pronounced on the back. Examples: Straight underside of the track tie on Kumba, a Sitting Coaster. From RCDB Straight underside of the track tie on Wild Eagle, a Wing Coaster. From RCDB Curved underside of the track tie on Manta, a Flying Coaster. From RCDB Curved underside of the track tie on Montu, an Inverted Coaster. From RCDB So when track does start showing up, you can tell without actually seeing the labels whether it's an Invert/Flying or not, even when you can't tell from the direction of the track.
  10. There are a couple of problems with adding a system that stops a roller coaster at any point. The biggest one is that it's effectively impossible to evac riders in the case of an emergency from any elevated position on the ride. MCBRs have stairs and platforms for that purpose, normal hills don't. Adding systems to stop trains add weight, complexity, and, potentially, friction, reducing the thrill of the ride. Also, you'd have to find a way to gradually stop the train, anything especially sudden would result in a higher possibility to eject in case of failure. It's not a terrible idea, and I'm sure it's possible from an engineering standpoint, but implementing it would add massive cost and complexity and reduce reliability. It's much easier to add redundancy to restraints. As for this disaster, it's a tragedy, but hopefully one that will result in a fix to whatever caused this. Adding seatbelts seems like the most likely outcome to me, but I'm not an engineer, of course. Also, I can see "click" becoming another forum filter.
  11. I seem to remember seeing a video where he commented that Twisted Twins, at least, would be opening a year after the park, not with it. Figuring on that, and not being ANYTHING NEAR an expert, I would imagine someone like RMC, GCI, or GG could probably get Thunder Run completely refreshed in 3-4 months (it's only 2,850 ft of track). Outside of that, it could all be done in 3 months, it's just a question of whether or not Ed Hart wants to drop the kind of money it would take to get the manpower to do it that quickly.
  12. I'm not sure. The Hulk at Universal tells you to do this, and I can't see it being a problem at least on B&Ms (where the seatbelts are their for redundancy), but this may be a letter of the law vs spirit of the law thing.
  13. Except that essentially every other park chain (including Universal) has a paid line-skipping program. Call it Express, Flash Pass, or Fast Lane, it's the same thing. Anyone who would pay MORE than the legitimate fee for these programs to get a disabled "guide" anywhere other than Disney is a moron. This "service" works at Disney because they don't have one of these programs. There's no one for the media to corner at any other park, it has nothing to do with having the balls to do it.
  14. If this is in fact Intamin track and headed for KI, we should know soon enough. Someone pointed out over at KI Central that this could also be Mack or Gerstlauer track, which would fit the Dollywood theory.
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