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What was your first coaster with inversions?

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Viper at Darian Lake. I remember it well. I was terribly scared of the ride, yet still wanted to ride it. I spent a good 20 minutes just staring at it going through inversions. The ride itself wasn't as bad as I had thought. I really liked it. I soon moved away however and haven't ridden it since.

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Scorpion at BGT. I remember it being broken down throughout most of the day. But later when we were riding the train we saw it running, so we ran over to the ride. 30 minutes of waiting later, I had ridden my first looping coaster (and my first Schwarzkopf as well).

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My family is trying to convince me I rode superdooperLooper back in 1997, but I have no recollection of riding it back then. I do, however, remember riding Rock 'N Rollercoaster at (then) MGM Studios in 2000, and saying at the time that it was my first looping roller coaster. Looking back, it was very ambitious of me to take on a launched coaster too. I remember how terrified I was watching each train from the queue disappear into the dark, noisy void.

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Shock Wave (at Six Flags Over Texas), the week it opened (and we got "stuck" in the front row, since they assigned seats at the time!





but it worked out well, since once I got that out of the way, I had no fear of riding Greezed Lightnin' at Astroworld (my home park), once that finally opened up to the general public. (we rode the crap out of that over the years, since we grew up w/ Astroworld season passes)


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