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What was your first coaster with inversions?

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I actually attended the grand opening of the first modern looping coaster, the Corkscrew at Knott's Berry farm. I ended up on the news doing the Charleston while waiting in the four hour line just to ride a 30 second ride. Those were the days. Yes, I'm old.


don't feel bad. . I'm old too.


the one I listed opened in 1978, and we rode it opening week

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When I was 7 I went to Alton Towers with my family and me and my dad ran straight to Nemesis - waited for about 5 minutes and got to the station at which point I chickened out. Later in the day we went on the corkscrew and I loved it!


So basically my first looping coaster was so close to being one of the best coasters in the world - but ended up being the corkscrew! Shame.

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Python at Busch Gardens, The Dark Continent. I was extremely scared and ended up loving it. I then made my father take me on it over and over again.



Me too!


I was very nervous but one day I finally got up the courage to go on it with my dad. I loved it and it cured me of my fear of "going upside down" on a roller coaster.

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