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  1. could you imagine if we get a dark ride and a roller coaster in phase 2? perhaps an indoor? oh man, im so excited for media day lol
  2. I'm wondering when media day will be if the park opens sometime next month. Hopefully these unfortunate circumstances do not affect ANY of the proposed plans for the park and the 'biggest investment plan in history'
  3. I wonder if all this going on is going to affect the (unannounced) proposed plans for the future of the park.
  4. happy to hear that she is donating this much money to beat the virus.
  5. i'd prefer a terrain dive coaster in that plot of land. there are at least half a dozen of those rides in the area.
  6. there are close to a hundred cases of covid-19 in tennessee last time i checked. don't know much how this works but disneyworld is preparing to be closed for more than 2 weeks so plan on dollywood not opening for awhile.
  7. LOL if i remember correctly, there was a livestream of the 2013 announcement of firechaser and dreammore for the 300 mil plan. but i do not remember where i watched it. i woke up early to watch it lol if it's not live, im sure someone will record and post somewhere on youtube. appreciate it coasterbill
  8. where will we be able to watch the announcement this friday live?
  9. same. was planning a 2021 trip but with all the news on screamscape and youtube, i might just wait until 2023!
  10. i just watched a video from last year discussing the 300 mil investment and they confirmed that wildwood grove wrapped up that money a few years early. so now they have another investment which will be announced march 13th as we know. Pete also said 2021 is another expansion project but gave no details other than it will have a thrill ride. thanks Pete!
  11. whatever they do in the next however many years the new plan is.. just please don't get rid of tennessee tornado EVER.
  12. a dark ride will be nice. hopefully they also put in an indoor coaster. as far as the 300 million dollar 10-year plan starting in 2013, they still have like 50 million so im curious what the 'new' plan is going to be
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