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  1. I'm not a Star Wars junkie, but really looking forward to this new land. I'm expecting the same amazing details and effort that was put into Pandora and to be totally immersed in this land.
  2. Looks awesome! I would love to visit some time in the future. I see the trains are similar to the trains at Tokyo Disney with the cool windows and Mickey handles!
  3. The park looks amazing! I'm loving the Tron coaster with it's sexy lighting. Thanks for the report, looking forward to more pics.
  4. This looks amaze! Love the castle facade that hides the house. I do a haunted house every year through my backyard and garage, but it's no where as detailed as this.
  5. Looks awesome! Love all the different dark rides and theming.
  6. My favorite event! Missing it this year But will be back for 2017!! Nice candy haul, be sure to separate the fruity from the chocolate, makes the chocolate taste funky.
  7. Great trip report! Love all these parks and visit them as frequently as possible. Need to get down to Dollywood next year for Lightning Rod. Thanks for the cinnamon bread pic, now I can drool all over my keyboard for the next several minutes.
  8. Nice trip report! Cedar Point gets better every time I visit. The Valravn area looks really nice on the midway. Looking forward to my daughter hitting the 52" mark, hopefully next year. Nice job KT on those enormous coasters!
  9. Looks like an awesome time, would of loved to join ya all! Such a great park with so many classic and amazing attractions.
  10. Very nice trip report! Thanks for braving the cold and getting some great behind the scene shots. Valravn looks awesome coming down the midway.
  11. Nice pics and coverage! I need to get to this convention in the near future
  12. Awesome decorations! Cedar Point has really stepped it up over the years with Halloweekends.
  13. Looks awesome as always! Looking forward to Insidious and Body Collectors. I'm being forced to survive the terror by myself, should be interesting..lol! Any takers?
  14. Looks amazing! Look forward to visiting in October. Thinking I'm going to be in big trouble with all those beer options
  15. The costumes look awesome! Looking forward to the Asylum taking to the streets. Love this event and looking forward to visiting next month
  16. That looks awesome, especially the drinks part! If I ever get back to Japan, this will be a must do!!
  17. Such a great coaster! The night rides are spectacular.
  18. I miss Japan! Was such an amazing experience. I loved Mister Doughnut, we visited that fine establishment more than once. I still have my perverted upskirt girl toys..lol
  19. Need more Tambourine! Japan is amazing in so many ways.
  20. Participating in my third year at Cedar Point and could really use any support you can offer!! This is a great cause and I look forward to raising money for this organization every year. Thank You! GO TEAM TPR
  21. Looking forward to another great year at Cedar Point for Coasting For Kids! This will be my third year participating. Any support you can offer would be greatly appreciated for this most excellent cause. http://support.gktw.org/site/TR/CoastingForKids/General?px=1017164&pg=personal&fr_id=1371
  22. Looks Great! It's always good to see parks who are willing to make such large investments for there guests.
  23. This just may be my next TPR trip! Looks like I have some saving to do.
  24. Looking forward to being part of Team TPR this year at Cedar Point! Patiently waiting for sign up (not really)
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