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  1. FYI, Goliath opened at around 8pm tonight. Awesome ride, way more intense than I expected!
  2. My 50th was Top Thrill Dragster in July 2011 My 100th was Intimidator 305 in August 2012 Trying to get to 150 before the year is done.
  3. Will Goliath be open while they are testing this? More importantly, will it be open thursday?
  4. Wow, that'll suck. Monstre has a stupidly long line with both sides open. EDIT: Wait, will Goliath be closed too!?
  5. Yeah get a Flash Pass, they're not very expensive compared to fast lane/other six flags parks (45$/person for Gold)
  6. When are you going? Lines can get very long. Vampire & Goliath should definitely be your priorities
  7. Any update on the PTC's? I'm going on the 20th of this month.
  8. Been to Six Flags Magic Mountain Knott's Berry Farm Vegas area coasters Going to Six Flags America Six Flags Great Adventure Great Escape La Ronde
  9. Ok, thanks for replying. Might as well try it, we bought too many days for WDW so we still have 3 days left but have already been to WDW twice.
  10. Hey guys, I'm staying in Whittier, CA for a while but would like to know if WDW passes can be used at Disneyland, also, the tickets have park hopper with them and I'd like to know if park hopper works with it too. Many other sites approve of it, like MouseSavers on the page below, but I'd like to know from you guys if it's ever worked, and if park hopper worked too. http://www.mousesavers.com/disneyland-california-vacation-discounts-and-deals/disneyland-ticket-pass-discounts/#wdw
  11. I'm not sure if you can get Discover cards in Canada...but that doesn't matter considering we have the gold six flags passes
  12. Sorry for another SFMM-related question but how early is the Gold Pass early entry?
  13. Perfect. We are pretty casual enthusiasts so we don't really mind 1 train (I've been on I-305 8 times with 1 train)
  14. Does this mean Superman's open? If not, what's the best guess for Superman's re-opening date?
  15. Might as well leave at 6 considering that it closes then Thanks for your help EDIT: Also just wondering how long will the lines be on a Tuesday in April? I've heard that it can be one of the slowest days of the year
  16. First of all, I'm booking a vegas trip, either the 15th-19th or 22nd-26th. I'm only 13 but I will be with my dad who enjoys a fair amount of gambling... Anyway, In the 4 days that I'm there, should I take the 4 hour drive to go to Magic Mountain, I've never been anwhere close to California, so I would really enjoy it although I'm just wondering if I should spend 1 1/2 days just for this park. Thanks for helping! EDIT: Grammar
  17. Mine's definitely La Ronde at 2 & 1/2 hours away, probably cobra or ednor
  18. This is really, really good news, they always had a broken train so they had 3 (!) train operation so 1 side was moving twice as fast as the other.
  19. This interests me , hopefully I don't have a waterpolo tournament this weekend
  20. Staying in the northeast just because of convenience so I will try to finish all of the northeast SF parks so : SFA, SFGAdv, Quassy, LC, SFNE and TGE and like every year, I go to La Ronde, my home park
  21. My home park is "The Round" The best coaster there is Goliath, followed by vampire
  22. Mine was Dragon Fire at PCW at the time, great first looping coaster and i'm sure it was many other's first looping coaster too.
  23. Highway 416 south of Barrhaven. OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!!!!!!! I live in barrhaven!! I can't believe it, I can bike there, i'll make sure to be the first to make a TR Edit : This needs to have some pretty competitive prices and rides, Calypso water park has all the White Water new hotness and pretty expensive prices but it's always busy and is about a half-hour drive from this new water park.
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