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Ever had a black out on a coaster?

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I have never experience black or grey out to date but then again, since I dont have that many ride experiences compared with most of you on this board, I am probably not in a position to comment.


But I will get nausea if i got on those flat rides that spun round & round & round ALOT! I will usually come out with wobbly legs & the horrible impulse to puke. :?

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I don't know if this happens all the time, but the last time I was on Revolution @ SFMM the train entered the tunnel and everyone blacked out! We couldn't see anything until we were out of the tunnel.


But I almost blacked out coming out of the first loop on Desert Storm. Other than that I always black out and sometimes fall over when I sit at the computer too long and get up too fast.

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I haven't blacked out. Does your weight have anything to do with blacking out?


no its when the verticle g's push down on you so mutch that less and less blood flows to your brain.


i've gotten tunnel vision on the helix on goliath, thats about it.

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I've greyed out, but not blacked out.


I saw it all on the National Geographic Channel. Yes there is a difference. Blacking out, you either don't remember, or faint. Greying out, is when you can't see anything.


It's happened to me multiple times.

Always on Two Face's return run.

Sometimes on Superman: RoS's pointless first helix.

Oh, and on most carnival rides.

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I know this topic is about 'blackouts' on coasters, but I would be curious on a number count with Disney's M-S.


I believe I almost greyed-out on Nessie when I first rode it. I barely made the height limit and that first-drop and loop were pretty insane at the time.

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Every time i ride Incredible Hulk I "grey out". Right at the beginning going through the zero-g roll. Its amazing, the consistant rate this happens to me.

Another one I grey out on is Double Loop at Geauga Lake. Those vertical loops got me and my wife seeing black for a few seconds.

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A girl in our party blacked out on Batman at SFOG. It was very scary, her head was flopping around and such for several seconds. She could have been seriously hurt.


She has vertigo. Why in the world she went to an amusement park is beyond me.


I grey out on Face/Off sitting backwards through the first inversion. So I always sit the other direction now.

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I blacked out from the bottom of Millennium Force's drop up untill the first tunnel.


Yea same here, I was sitting in the last seat and its only happened once out of the probably 20+ times ive ridden it, although that was the 1st time I had ever ridden in the back seat. The only other one it has ever happened to me was on Goliath at SFMM.

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