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Ever had a black out on a coaster?

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My girlfriend Alicia greys out on anything remotely positive G'riffic. She even blacks out for the first few seconds at the bottom of Milf Force.


I never black and only have greyed out once on Tennessee Tornado when I hadn't eaten. For the record, I didn't have any ill effects from Goliath or Titan.

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Once I went to Knotts on absolutly no sleep and for some reason that really does wonders with blood flow. I almost blacked out on everyride that day! Silver Bullet's Helix felt more like Goliath's.


I have only "blacked out" once on a ride and it wasn't even a coaster! It was on ArrowHead Splashdown at Magic Mountain. I was in the back of the log holding onto the the front seat. We went down the final drop and right when we hit the water I flew back into my seat so hard that my head hit the back of the log! Everything just went dark for about 2 seconds.


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I think I'm deteriorating already because I used to never black out but this year I started to. It was the worst on my trip to Florida a few weeks ago where I blacked out, for a second, on almost every ride on SheiKra, Kumba, Hulk, Deuling Dragons and got close on Montu. I hope it's not bad.

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That sounds really dangerous to black out for several seconds at a time! I have only had tunnel vision for a fraction of a second.


My first experience with greying out was on Tennessee Tornado. It made me really nervous, but then later I greyed out at least five times on Batman the Ride, twice on Ninja @ SFOG, twice on Mindbender, and once on Face/ OFF. I have tried several techniques to avoid greying out, such as exercising a lot before going to an amusement park, eating healthy, and getting extra sleep. Those things seem to help a little, but I still have the unpleasant greyout experience through almost every vertical loop. I have gotten used to just closing my eyes going through every vertical loop so that I will not know whether or not I black out and I won't have to be bothered by it.


I wish I knew how to stop it from happening. It used to never happen on any ride, or maybe it did and I just wasn't familiar with what I was experiencing. I think I just have worse circulation than I did 2 to 3 years ago .


I have reluctantly avoided many rides, such as Vortex @ King's Island and Deja Vu' just because I was afraid of blacking out. I guess it's not really that dangerous. It's just like standing up too long and passing out. But still I can't help but think that if this happens repeatedly over very short amounts of time, it can be dangerous.


This year I am planning to work out more and get in shape so that I can go back to SFOG and ride Goliath and Deja Vu', hopefully without any problems.

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^^ there are ways of not blacking/greying out, pushing your legs on the floor and crossing the are two that i believe work, but i never do it, i like the feeling.


and to answer the question, i never have blacked out... or not to my knowledge anyway. that might have changed though, i have been especially prone to this sort of thing as of lately, heck, i bet when i finish typing this and i get up i'll probably feel kinda lightheaded. Last time i rode Goliath, i was suprised i didn't.

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The best way to avoid blacking out is to tighten all the muscles in your body. This forces the blood up towards the heart and keeps the blood flow the the brain up (or at least keeps the blood from pooling in your legs).



^That one is used by fighter pilots when going through 6+g turns and manuvers, in addition to their G suits.

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Many of you say that being in shape helps to avoid blackouts. I run 55 miles a week and I still black out. I don't know how much more exercise If that doesn't help I dont know what will.


ok, how about this, i know this works for the people who stand up, get dizzy, faint, then wake up on the floor all tingly with a large bruise. (ahem, me)...


drink alot of water


Mark 'im asian, im bound to be a doctor!' W



... or maybe a dentist

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I was at SFGAdv for one of their Coasters after Dark and I was going on two slices of pizza that I had eaten 6 hours prior and a bag of M&Ms and some soda just before getting into the park. Me and my friend went on Chiller three times and then on Nitro four times. I can't remember where it was that I greyed out for a little bit, probably in the helix, but I remember I greyed out at some point. By the time we hit the brake run, the multiple rides, the cold weather, the rain, the hunger got to me, just about every part of my body had a tingling feeling, my hands, my feet, my MOUTH. Getting off Nitro was a toughy, and I had to sit down for a while (20 minutes at least) until I was up for riding some more rides. Needless to say, I got some overpriced food in me, quick.


Other than that, I haven't had any black/grey out experiences on any other coaster. I was however, 2 seconds from completely blacking/passing out after giving blood. I was feeling a little woozy, so I got up to go to the gurney they had set up, halfway there, the blackness quickly crept up from the outside in, I tensed myself up and shook my head quickly, it went away luckily. I was lying down for at least a half hour though. Oh, the wonders of giving blood.

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