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Ever had a black out on a coaster?

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Had a grey-out moment on Millenium Force this year at Coastermania. Go figure, riding coasters for most of 19 hours that day, and that was my 5th consecutive ride on MF at around 12am.


It was a very strange feeling. I felt light-headed, and my eyes literally went grey for a moment during the overbanked pretzel turns. I chalked it up to overdoing it, and called it a night.

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Blanked out on Titan at SFOT about a year ago. I chalk it up to having ridden it about 8 times in a row (explained by having it be a "school party" day, and everyone else was at lunch.), and the staff were cool and let me and some pals just ride over and over.


Welp, about into the "extra" helix, my mind got really happy all of the sudden and I felt like I was in the third person. Next thing I know, Elaine is slapping me and telling me to get out, we're back and there's a line.


Weird, yes...

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I've never 'blacked' or 'greyed' out on a ride.


At one time, I blacked & greyed out a lot just in general life, but I was borderline anorexic. The things I learned were: HYDRATE! You need fluids, even overpriced ones, more so in the heat and/or sun. If you don't have enough fluids your blood volume and your blood pressure drops, so your heart may not generate the force to get blood to your brain. Blood sugar: EAT something! If you haven't eaten significant food in hours, just a piece of gum can be the worst thing for you, because that sudden influx of sugar causes your body to expect more, so it secretes lots of insulin which then knocks your blood sugar down even lower. Despite an earlier post, I think gaining a couple pounds helps. Generally, you need to have enough, consistent blood pressure to pump it to your brain under high G's.


A grey out for me usually started as tunnel vision, and only occasionally went to a black out because it was enough to alert me that something was wrong and to hydrate and eat. During a black out, I would just go down (head + concrete = bad), sometimes with no warning.


Some people have minor vagus nerve disorders or sensitivities that can make them exceptionally prone to both, especially on changing physical positions. If you nearly pass out when you give blood, you probably have a vagus nerve disorder (or are too skinny).

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^ That happened to me 2 summers ago. I was at Target with my mom, I was wearing all black, hadn't eaten breakfast but I had a candy bar, and when we were checking out everything went gray and the next thing I knew I was sitting on the floor and my mom was saying "are you okay? you just fell to the floor" or something like that. I got up and was fine after that though.

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