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  1. Concerning ruining other peoples towns, I heard something about a Dream Suite. Something about how you can visit other people's towns without making any permanent changes to them. So that is a welcome fixture, however it is applied. I'm loving this game!
  2. Thought ya'll might want to know that our dearly beloved woodie, the Starliner, that has graced Panama City Beach's Miracle Strip since 1963 after shutting down in 2004 is coming back to PCB. We don't know where yet exactly, but I reckon it'll find its home at the Pier Park mall on the west end. This is from Saturday's issue of the Panama City New Herald.
  3. Lol, love it. We just got a Wonderworks in Panama City Beach, FL and though I'm tempted to go, I was always hoping someone else would go and take some photos and save me the 20 bucks or so for admission. : ) Thanks guys, your the greatest! Hans
  4. http://www.countrycrossingalabama.com/ About Country Crossing THE HEART OF COUNTRY Country Crossing is a one-of-a-kind master-planned entertainment destination resort located in Dothan, Alabama. It has been designed to create lasting family memories and to bring the spirit of music to the community and its visitors. The official groundbreaking was held on October 27, 2008 and construction is under way. Several venues are scheduled to open in 2009. Country Crossing will have a countrified retail and dining entertainment district home to unique dinner-music theaters, old time western saloons, restaurants, live music, a recording studio, and themed retail shops. Country Crossing will also offer a host of hospitality options including the George Jones Possum Holler Bed & Breakfast. Country Crossing will showcase year-round entertainment with multi-platinum selling artists performing weekly at its various venues. Located in Dothan, Alabama Country Crossing is strategically situated within a 300 mile radius of approximately 26.8 million people (Branson and Orlando, FL have 19.4 and 16.6 million people respectively). The project is located directly on heavily travelled Highway 231, which exposes the site to in excess of 5 million cars per year. A new major toll road is also planned for the region with an entry and exit in close proximity of Country Crossing. The new Panama City International Airport, currently under construction and slated to open in May, 2010, is only 65 miles to the south, as are the sugar-white beaches and emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The initial Country Crossing attractions will include: Celebrity Themed Restaurants including: John Anderson’s Darryl Worley’s Worley Bird Cafe Lorrie Morgan Cafe Tracy Lawrence BBQ Additional Star Endorsed Venues To Be Announced Soon George Jones Possum Holler Bed & Breakfast Electronic Bingo Entertainment Center Mandolin Grove Amphitheater (10,000+ seat venue) Fairgrounds (to host music festivals and other events) Hotels Bluegrass Hollow RV Park Future attractions of Country Crossing include: Bowling Center Recording Studio Fiddler’s Cove Family Entertainment Center Resort Hotels A multitude of Commercial and Retail venues Country Crossing is projected to attract in excess of 2.5 million guests annually and is forecasted to create over 5,000 jobs for the community over the next 3-5 years. Whats the chance that this place gets itself a roller coaster? To see it turning into a lower Dollywood would be great! : )
  5. Yesss!!! Nice!!!!!!!! This is pretty funny.
  6. Not sure if its been mentioned yet, but im not about to read thru the whole thread today, but there is a great metal band by the name of Behemoth. 'I am the evil one!'
  7. So May 28th is the last day to ride Shiekra in its current form. I wonder if it will be busy that memorial day. Really excellent pics mang.
  8. Planet Terror was as good as I thought it would be, and Death Proof was even better. So much fun to be had. This was an EVENT at the movies if I ever saw one!
  9. I'm going to hit up the Emerald Coast Beer, Blues, and BBQ fest this weekend in Destin, FL. If I remember to take my camera, I'll snap a few for you guys. O yes....now they are up to 200 beers available for tasting...
  10. Sorry to hear you say that. I believe the Mars Volta are genius, expecially live.
  11. God Forbid at thee Imperial in downtown Jacksonville, FL.
  12. I hardly never check the random forum, can't believe I didn't run upon this thread before! So much beer camaraderie. I love you guys. I'm going to check into some these brews you all seem to be enjoying so much, if I can find them. A little bit of Germany in my mouth.
  13. Yeah, that site is excellent. It help me disolve into HDTV viewing. I ended up with a 37in Sceptre 1080p LCD.
  14. Well, I rented it, watch it last night. Gotta say, I don't think it was nearly as bad as some people here are making it sound. It's just a goofy movie that I was expecting to be simlilar to MTV style films....and for me, it delivered something better. Thought it was pretty smart. The film definitely has satirical bite and wit. Some of the jokes about the future business were just hilarious. Come on, Costco? A place where you can everything from a law degree to a hot latte. Very amusing. All in all, not a great movie, ala Office Space, but certainly worth a rental. After this, I went and saw Children of Men. Superb.
  15. Wow, never even heard of the flick. I'll have to check it out, though it seems rottentomatoes disagrees with you. : ) Sorta love or hate it. lol http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/idiocracy/
  16. Cheetah at Wild Adventures. It stands tall with the rest of them that I have rode, mayble taller. In the front seat is the place.
  17. lol... The fist pound came about on Theme Park Review but has moved to other sites as well. It is looked down on by more mature internet browsers and only used by a n00b to try and more often then not fail at gaining respect from the online community. This n00b also sexually pounds men.
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