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  1. I for one could do without another waterpark and would prefer expansion of the theme parks. However in saying that I do feel the Universal Resort needs a good waterpark to add to its property (excluding Wet n Wild)
  2. HHmm yes that is a bit weird. However Ireland has so much Irish folklore (Cú Chulainn being one of the more famous so it's perfect for its first wooden coaster) that his is a great jumping off point for more themed rides.
  3. Very sad news. Young girl dies after being thrown from travelling flat ride. https://au.news.yahoo.com/sa/a/24975915/teen-critical-after-being-flung-from-ride-at-royal-adelaide-show/
  4. I think as a business this makes perfect business sense. Capitalize on the current Frozen phenomenon with little to no interruption to the current park operations. Closing Maelstrom will not affect the park in anyway and in 15 months they will have a major new attraction with people flooding from the Magic Kingdom to do one of the most popular meet and greets. Its sheer genius minimal input and maximum output. However as a guest I do agree that it shouldn't be in the World Showcase. The World Showcase is by definition a view of other countries of the world. A little snapshot right in central Florida. Arrandale is fictional and I agree that it does belong in the Magic Kingdom. When I visit though it will not let it affect my enjoyment of the attraction though. I love Frozen. Please let it be a new ride system and extended building.
  5. Hhmm yes I'm gonna stick with my original statement and say gimmick. The same layout 3 times on the way down with MCBR's is not very original. Lets just hope that the fact that it is so high up will make it better. High Roller was a lame layout but the height made it all the better. Lets hope this is the same.
  6. The coaster car looks awesome. Now hopefully they theme the entire coaster to look as good. The first inversion should definitely be mist filled with a spinning laser light.
  7. When i initially read the stats of the coaster I was a little underwhelmed. Like some people said it feels like they are missing the point by making dive coasters so small as they nearly are a one trick pony(oblivion). But when you think about it coaster enthusiasts are a small percentage of the population who ride coasters and aren't afraid and will repeat visit parks. These coasters are designed to recruit new coaster enthusiasts who may not have enjoyed coasters before. Also hearing that this will be longer than Krake and more like a coaster fills me with hope and maybe just maybe we could have a really good coaster on our hands here.
  8. Yeah I'm not sure about this one. Seem to be a lot of stopping and starting. Cool concept though.
  9. Dont know if anyone has said this all ready but what about a wooden coaster with a vertical slash more than vertical drop and maybe inversions that have only previously been seen on a steel coaster? My other thought is a tall drop into a completely underground coaster!
  10. I think for such a small park I think Terra Mitica has some great theming of all the parks I've visited. www.themeparkreview.com/parks/park.php?pageid=230
  11. UH if I get to fly home to Ireland for 4 weeks in July I'm totally taking 4 days out to get to Paris to ride this. Looks so good.
  12. Looks good I will remain skeptical about this one. Not too sure if Star Trek has that big of a fan base to be really financially viable as a theme park. Don't get me wrong I love it and would visit it but didn't the last show get canceled after 4 seasons? Hope the new movies will have created a broader fan base.
  13. Well just the usual that they can cause brain tumors, blood clots and death. I did hear a girl worry about her breast implant exploding under the weight of her harness or bursting under the high g forces.
  14. I love that Rob was so right on this one with them increasing the limit. An industry expert with probably a little bit more insider info than he lets on was telling us something from the beginning.
  15. The Giant Drop @ Dreamworld Australia had me crazy scared. Even as a seasoned thrill ride enthusiast. It's just so damn high. I was terrified.
  16. I love that a coaster type that is normally so boring, plain and safe had Robb so scared. Love it.
  17. I got a bag yay Thank you TPR OOOHHH what is this?! Thank you TPR.
  18. I know its a little old at this stage but at least it doesn't say they intend on ripping it down and is a direct reply from Scenic World! https://www.facebook.com/ScenicWorld/posts/553477998005047?comment_id=23741611&amp%3Boffset=0&amp%3Btotal_comments=6
  19. Great coaster. Reminds me more of Goliath @ Walibi World Holland.
  20. Yep this park definitely sticks of something going on behind the scenes. I have a feeling it may fall into disrepair very quickly.
  21. So firstly I am really sorry for reactivating an old thread but I found this one by doing a search an I didn't want to create a new one. So this weekend I was at Scenic World. I wanted to revisit after the upgrade to the Scenic Railway. Anyway it always hurts to see the coaster not in use as you enter the property. I asked a staff member if they had any info on what happened. He advised me to talk to the guy operating the Skyway as it was his family who owned Scenic World. As luck would have it when we queued for the Skyway I was literally the first person at the gate and asked the attendant about the coaster. I asked specifically what happened the coaster and if all the rumours are true. He laughed and said unfortunately the coasters story was not as colourful and was actually a little sad. He said that his grandfather was having a midlife crisis and instead of buying a car he decided to spend 10 million dollars (in the 1980's) on building this coaster. The family did not agree this was right for Scenic World. When the coaster was finished it had some teething problems. Unfortunately the grandfather got ill before the coaster was fixed and the family took over the operations. They did not believe in the coaster and instead wanted to invest the money in repairing and improving the current rides in operation (the two cable cars and the scenic railway(steepest railway in the world)). The Railway has just now reopened after a $34 million upgrade. He had to walk away to help other staff but I tried to shout after him to ask him if they had any plans on reopening it. He didn't hear me or maybe he chose to ignore me but the other staff member beside him heard everything and as I was boarding the cable car he said that it may reopen in 2017 now that the other improvements have been completed! Fingers crossed this is true.
  22. Look I hope this comes through having just moved from Ireland to Sydney. This will be Ireland's first flagship non traveling coaster in my memory. However I wouldn't hold my breath until the planning app comes through. I remember a few years ago someone sent in a planning app for a indoor theme park with a monorail link to Dublin that would have boosted the economy and created a lot of jobs but that didn't make it through.I am still really hopeful it gets built though. Also I would not be surprised with trains and or capacity being on the low side. Dublin only has a population of about 1.5 million so I don't think they are expecting big crowds. I hope they do get them though Our traveling amusement fair funderland.com/ only last about 4 weeks on Dublin
  23. This could be amazing! Also extended opening time for Animal Kingdom would be good too.
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