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Your favourite drop

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So what is your favourite drop on any rollercoaster in the world that you have been on? You must provide a photograph for this one too.

This is by far my favourite drop of all, Shambhala (Port Aventura, Spain). I took this photograph on the opening season in 2012, and have been proud of it ever since.


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Being constrained to riding only the UK's major coasters thanks to a lack of money, I would say the two best drops on any coasters in the UK are Oblivion's monster of a drop, thanks to the immaculate buildup of tension prior, or Megafobia, thanks to the all out ejector madness (if you're riding on the back row).


If drop towers are included though, that would have to go to the stand up side of Apocalypse at Drayton Manor, there's nothing else quite like it that I have ridden. That drop is just incredible! Shame it's not at a better park in all honesty...

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I agree with you that Shambhala's drop was epic, but nothing has ever come close to what I experienced on El Toro. I rode it like 8 times on my trip to America back in June. The back seat was insane and the drop is 100% a 'thought I was going to die' moment.


Photo by me from my trip in June 2015

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Expedition GeForce.


In the front row it crawls over (in a good way) which enhances the steepness, but in the back it's just pure ejector all the way! However, not only is the drop very steep (82 deg) but the twist is awesome as well! In the back you're already out of your seat, but then it decides to toss you around like a ragdoll producing the best first drop I've ever had the honor to ride


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Wow.. The drop on El Toro looks immense. Would love to give that a go. Which theme park is it at?


Assuming your not kidding and you really don't know where el toro is its at Six Flags Great Adventure, in Jackson, New Jersey It's known for being one of the best woodies in the world and having some of the best airtime in the world.


I definitely reccomend to make a trip there as they also have a great hyper coaster and the worlds tallest coaster and drop tower.

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Some of my favorites:


-I305-Still one of my favorite drops on any roller coaster, no matter where you sit.


-SkyRush-This one is just as amazing as I305's, if not better.


Superman The Ride (SFNE)-It's been over two years since I last went on this ride, but it's still one of the best drops I've experienced. The tunnel at the bottom just makes it even better.


-Apollo's Chariot-Once again this is drop is awesome in the very last row. The feeling when you get pulled over the drop is amazing!


-Loch Ness Monster-Same as AC, awesome first drop in the last car.


-Roar(SFA)-Yes I said it. Despite this being a mediocre ride, the first drop is still great imo.

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Wow this post alone has made me realise how many awesome coasters there are that I haven't seen. I wasn't kidding when I said I didn't know about El Toro, I'm from the UK and have visited most parks this side of the pond, and have only recently returned from my first trip to the US where we had our honeymoon in Orlando.


The only other "foreign" park I've done is Port Aventura in Spain. I've not experienced many woodies either, only the Blackpool ones and Stampida (Port Aventura). I was disappointed when I got to Busch Gardens and realised Gwazi had closed.


Some cracking photos on these posts too. Love the Behemoth one posted by JohnLloyd.



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I don't know if this counts but I love the Intimidator 305 drop because of the banked curve right after a 300 ft drop. I think there is something about the Intamin cable lift system that I really enjoy.


I feel like Hershey's Skyrush is a miniature version of i305 lift and banked turn but it kinda throws you over the hill. Either way I enjoy both hills for the same reasons.

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