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  1. Oh definitely Karla, there were queues of over 30 mins for each of the retro rides so must be taking good footfall away from the likes of Nemesis, Wickerman, and Smiler queues which is a good thing. It would be good if they kept them or replaced them with permanent themed flat rides.
  2. I've just got back from Alton Towers and to be fair the Retro Rides worked very well to spread the crowds about, and keep the queue lines in the main attractions lower than they would normally be.
  3. Fantasy Island, The UK one, in Skegvegas! Featuring the smoothest Vekoma ever!
  4. It's not very often I reply to threads, I visit this page every day but I'd say I'm more of a thread watcher than somebody who "gets involved" but this post really caught my attention. I'm quite keen about photography and your photos really are brilliant and obviously not just phone snaps. I always say I'm going to take my "proper" camera with me next time I visit a theme park but when the day comes I change my mind as don't want to clunk it around with me all day or leave it in a locker. How do you get around this predicament? Also my wife would hate it if I stood waiting for the shot I really want. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing your photos from Universal. Shaun
  5. I still find the name "Rollercoaster" the strangest name for a rollercoaster. At least give it some thought haha.
  6. Wow the Hills really did have an identity crisis when you guys visited. Was great reading through the trip report. Do you think you guys will ever re-visit? Oh and Unleaded petrol is probably around $11 per gallon now.
  7. For those who don't know Pleasurewood Hills is a small theme park based on the East Coast of the UK between Gt Yarmouth and Lowestoft. I am sad to hear that the very first roller coaster I ever went on when I was a boy back in 1986 has been decommissioned. The Rattlesnake (Was Ladybird until around 1990) It wasn't a great coaster by any means but it was my first credit, and the one coaster that started it all off for me, although at the time I didn't know it. In fact I remember being scared as a 6 yr old boy waiting in line for it many times. (It's only a basic Tivoli, double figure eight design, but I was proper scared). Rest in pieces dear old Rattlesnake... Did anyone on here ever get to ride it?
  8. Not really Flaffstar, I think the sky needs to be black to qualify, A great pic nevertheless though.
  9. Wow some great shots there, I think you get a different perspective when you view a coaster in the dark. Long exposure shots are awesome but generally can't be done that well on a mobile phone, My OL pic was taken using a phone although I think I got very lucky with the lighting on the coaster. Here is another..
  10. After a trip to Winter Wonderland yesterday and a photograph I took of Olympia Looping I thought i'd ask, Whats the best photo you have ever taken of a coaster in the dark? It must be a pic you have taken. Heres my shot. Show me yours.
  11. Wow! Going by that video posted of the loading/unloading. I think I just worked out that if it carried on consistently at 30 seconds per load, on a 12 hour day over a week, it would bring in £1,270,080 per week at £9 per ride, with seven cars per train. Thats £7,620,480 for the duration of Winter Wonderland. Obviously Winter Wonderland isn't always as busy as it is on this video, but if it was then thats a pretty descent amount of money. Can't wait until I get to ride it next weekend.
  12. Well its definitely here and has now been confirmed, Can't wait for my trip to London now to see what all the fuss is about. https://www.facebook.com/hydeparkwinterwonderlandunofficial/?fref=nf Who is joining me? or who isn't but would like to?
  13. Its here! In the UK woohoo https://mobile.twitter.com/HjalmarSinke/status/794563201342050310
  14. I feel like I've missed something major here, What the hell is fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo?? Sorry I'm lost with this....
  15. Looks a great ride that, If SW8 at Alton Towers end up being like this i'd be happy.
  16. If you class a Vekoma Boomerang as a real coaster then Wipeout at Pleasurewood Hills is 30 miles from my house. If I want a real theme park then Thorpe Park is 150 miles and Alton Towers is 193 miles away.
  17. A shame that Chessington is getting as many bad reviews as Alton Towers is this season. I did like reading your report all the same. Here are some pictures I took on my last visit, showing the Buddha statue and Tomb Blaster in their previous colours. I don't think I'll be visiting either park this year, what with living in Norwich (Too far away) and my wife being pregnant, but mainly with how badly Merlin are letting their parks decline.
  18. To be fair I certainly wouldn't say I hated it, and if I ever get to return to America i'll definitely be giving it another go. It just felt very clanky (if thats a word). I pretty much want to re-ride every coaster I've been on straight away afterwards but with this I was fine moving on to another. Thanks for your response
  19. I was gutted to miss out on riding Hulk when I visited for my Honeymoon in November last year. It was horrible walking underneath its trackless shuttle knowing I wouldn't get to ride. Hopefully one day I can afford to return and give the new and improved Hulk a go. On a different note, one coaster I was really disappointed with was Rip Ride Rocket at Universal. This is by far the most uncomfortable coaster I have ever ridden, very rough and I felt sick after every ride. Did I catch it at a bad time?
  20. I see the new 2016 map is finally up. Interestingly Hex, Charlie etc completely removed this year, so no intention of re-opening mid season. https://altontowers.blob.core.windows.net/media/2463/2016-map-aw.pdf
  21. Ah thanks Karla, Wish I could visit the USA more often but sadly I don't have the funds. Would love to ride this beast. Maybe in a few years. I'll just have to stick with Alton Towers and Thorpe Park for the time being.
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