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Your favourite drop

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Nice question.


For me I prefer flat rides as coasters have never really lived up to all the hype; or very rarely do.


So, those who have ridden both; Oblivion or Shiekra/Griffon? I know there's a huge height difference (and angle difference) but I felt the build up to Oblivion made is the better drop.


The better drop not the better ride. Anyone agree/disagree?images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT1LnGtY5Wyr5jq0gIFJI_OLWj1u08rOv9LE8bSarlcVlnxx6Iz3A


Source: ThemeParkReview



A good point actually, As much as Oblivion is shorter than Shiekra, the build up is pretty awesome, also the view. Having said that I have now ridden Oblivion to death and only ridden Sheikra once, and I have to say the drops on Sheikra are amazing. So I would have to go with Sheikra. I was on the back row of Sheikra too and somehow it seemed like I was still riding at the front.

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How is it that this topic has made it to 5 pages without anyone realizing that we ALREADY HAVE THIS TOPIC?!?!


Sorry I'm new to this site so probably didn't search as well as I should have done before starting a new thread, but to be fair most things have probably already been discussed at one point or another. Original post is 10 years old too by the looks of it.

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