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Your favourite drop

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While El Toro's drop stands head and shoulders above any other drop I've experienced, some honorable mentions:


Maverick. Nothing like that feeling of being violently tossed into the shoulder restraints and then back into my seat in less than a second. The twists right after the drop are pure bliss.


*from TPR Park Index



Phantoms Revenge. The first drop has a really nice twisted yank in the back seat that surprised the hell out of me, but the insane second drop steals the show. It just feels like its never going to end and then just as it does your head is almost chopped off.





Skyrush. Two pops of airtime on the same drop? Yes please, and thank you.





Millennium Force. Best part of the ride. The view, the height, the airtime all the way down, the speed you are going as you pull out of the drop. Breathtaking, basically.


*from TPR Park Index



Nitro. I am a huge fan of Nitro because its flat out fun and not intense at all. But its also enormous and fast. Love the view from up there and the floater air in the back seat all the way down the drop.


*from TPR Park Index

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Definitely Goliath @ SFOG's drop. It gives a good whip effect in the back, and has epic floater air.

And is it just me, or does El Toro's drop look as big/bigger than Fury 325's drop?

Photo from the TPR park index.

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^ Toro always *looks* small to me in person since its practically next to Ka, that is until I'm on the ride going around that turnaround up there and realize just how far down I am about to fall.

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I've yet to visit SFGAdv to ride El Toro and there are still hundreds of coasters I'm dying to ride. However out of the roughly 150 coasters I've ridden, my favorites are: Maverick, Vortex (KI,) Fahrenheit, Diamondback, Intimidator 305, and Raptor. I know, my list makes it seem like I've only been to Ohio (and Pennsylvania/Virginia) but for some reason these instantly popped into my head right when I saw the title of the thread. I think most people would agree with me that Maverick, Fahrenheit, Diamondback, and I305 have great first drops, but Vortex in the second to last row is literally my second favourite drop after Maverick. And I also really love the drop on Raptor if you sit in the back because you get whipped and then get a nice moment of floater airtime.




I totally forgot about dive machines! Sheikra has a wonderful drop, definitely worth mentioning!

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Nice question.


For me I prefer flat rides as coasters have never really lived up to all the hype; or very rarely do.


So, those who have ridden both; Oblivion or Shiekra/Griffon? I know there's a huge height difference (and angle difference) but I felt the build up to Oblivion made is the better drop.


The better drop not the better ride. Anyone agree/disagree?images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT1LnGtY5Wyr5jq0gIFJI_OLWj1u08rOv9LE8bSarlcVlnxx6Iz3A


Source: ThemeParkReview

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It's so weird no one has ever mentioned a Eurofighter yet.


I think SAW's drop was one of the two best I've ever had. I might've only ridden it once, but I remember something out of this world. It was awesome.


As for the other one, I think Oblivion - The Black Hole at Gardaland takes it, as it's the only dive coaster I managed to ride, since I can't travel much, but it's still incredible.

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