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  1. Looking at the Saturday forecast, I305 will probably be up before TT will. Traditionally, we can run in the rain (lacking thunder of course). However, we find that one train tends run better than the other in the rain, and depending on how MUCH rain there is, we may stop for and wait for the rain to die down until we get the go-ahead to reopen.
  2. Hmmm... Fury 325 Tempesto Skyrush Flying Turns Rougarou (if we're being lenient) Mystic Timbers
  3. Glad to see you had a good time at the park! Sorry 'bout that I305 situation. I don't know which train you were on, but the grey train doesn't like to run in the rain (even if it drizzles sometimes). In normal weather, the red train is usually the one that would have problems; but if it's rain, it's always the grey train. As for Volcano...it shouldn't be going anywhere any time soon.
  4. While I would personally wait until Tuesday to avoid crowds, there is rain in the forecast on Monday, which could scare off some guests. However, it's still Memorial Day weekend, one of the craziest weekends of the year. As for schools, the counties closer to the park (Caroline, Hanover) should be out of school.
  5. Can confirm I305/FoF is like how the others mentioned. If you can secure your loose articles (hats/glasses/cellphones)in a safe pocket, you can ride with it. Glasses need a strap...but you guys seem to know the rest. I'm just gonna thank you all for being so cooperative, whether you've visited the park yet or not. It's kinda nice to know not everybody is ready to tear our throats out when we say that the bins have been removed from the ride.
  6. Still haven’t gotten on a StarFlyer yet, but this still looks super cool. The views must be awesome.
  7. ^By 305? At least one or two songs are on the park playlist that we've heard. But then again, there's probably a good 200+ songs on the 'park playlist'. As for Volcano, I've seen Volcano only once with back row riders. I've seen fire only once as well. But the rumble sounds are defintely still around.
  8. I've been asked both on and off the job which ride is better. I personally say I305 in response, but I honestly don't know which ride is better. They're both awesome.
  9. Curious, how loud are the RMC lift hills? I've been watching this thing test over my breaks this past weekend, and I even almost got to ride it Sunday. But that lift hill is LOUD. I haven't been on any other RMC to compare, so I figured I ask around here.
  10. Aw, seeing Dueling Dragons pulls at the heart. I love seeing photos the ride running in unison. I never got to ride it while it did, but it looks so satisfying! But alas, that time is gone...
  11. I've lived in NOVA for five years now, haven't bothered to drive up to SFA once. While I personally haven't gone because KD is closer to me than SFA by an hour, those I know who have gone there swear they wouldn't return. It's infamous for being 'horrible' by my peers.
  12. Yay! Best time of the year (besides the end of the off-season)! Looking forward to the updates.
  13. Your photos are gorgeous. KD is my home park, which I visit quite often, but you made it look prettier than normal. Glad to see you enjoyed your trip to the two Virginia parks! I'm going to jump on the 'back-is-better-than-front' in terms of where to sit on I305. I love the front row, which I enjoy more at night. But the back is a whole other beast. You have to ride it twice to get the different experience. I'm also glad to see someone else who enjoys Apollo's Chariot as much as I do.
  14. Had multiple friends who visited the park yesterday and warned them to beware. I've been through that last Saturday a handful of times; we used to visit with our FastPass+, but we now tend to go on Columbus Day weekend. Three hours for Volcano...that's something. I too was disappointed with Blood on the Bayou. My party agreed that while the set was very good, the lighting was so dim we could barely see certain parts (then again, we were the first group to go of the night). Though, the area inside that building is small; if you fill it with a lot of actors, I think it would feel crowded. But, that's just me. No Vacancy is still my favorite maze in the park. Lockdown is a close second, though. Random question; has anyone gone through Blackout after it was moved? If so, has it changed? Last year we waited for quite awhile after hearing about Kings Island's version and was very disappointed. We didn't bother with it this year, and instead got more I305 laps.
  15. Peruse Twitter & Instagram...there are tons of pics and videos from both fans and the park. ==== "Pittsburgh Dad" is an online comedy series that embodies the stingy-yet-caring persona and heavy accent of traditional blue-collar Pittsburgh fathers. It might be over the heads of people visiting the city today, but it's hilariously accurate to anyone who grew up in Pittsburgh. When people refer to "Yinzers," this is who they're talking about. Their numbers are dwindling as the generations evolve, but you can still find plenty of Pittsburgh Dads within the city's neighborhoods. The man behind the series has been embraced by the sports teams and Kennywood. He portrayed Noah at the media event for the Noah's Ark rehab, and he returned to Kennywood to say goodbye to the Log Jammer: Pittsburgh Dad's original Kennywood video (this is not merely an over-the-top stereotype...EVERYONE had or knew a father like this growing up in Pittsburgh): Saw this video making the rounds yesterday and couldn't help but agree. As someone who once lived outside of Pittsburgh (and still says 'yinzers') I can relate on a deep level. Never did I ever think I'd see the word 'yinzers' used on a internet forum not themed/related to the Burgh.
  16. With college in the not-so-distant future for me, the money saving has begun. We planned two different trips, but both may not be happening. But, hey, with a new RMC in my backyard, I don't have much of a problem staying in state. Definitely: Kings Dominion Busch Gardens Williamsburg Possibly: Kennywood Hersheypark Wishful Thinking: Cedar Point Dollywood SFOG SFGrAdv
  17. I'll be counting on you guys tomorrow! I'm going to be busy when the announcements come out, but I'll be checking the second I can.
  18. It was fun to sit down and think about this (since I never really have). I haven't been to as many parks as others on this site, but here's my list anyway. I didn't include my home park (Kings Dominion) because that feels to easy. Parks I've been too: 1. Cedar Point. Oh, yes, the Mecca of roller coasters. To date, the only park to make me look out and audibly gasp as we drove up. Just like Disney has it's magic, CP worked it's magic on me. The setting on the peninsula is beautiful; riding Gatekeeper in the morning with the light bouncing off the water, Millennium Force while the sun sets, TTD shooting up into the dark sky. The views you get are beyond stunning. Watching all of the rides running, rushing and roaring by...I had to give up my visit to CP this year to go next year, and I'm glad I did. Next June cannot come soon enough. 2. Busch Gardens Williamsburg I feel spoiled having this park and KD within two hours of where I live. Even though we only get down to BGW once a year, we tend to make the most of it. The B&M Trinity kicks butt every time, the food is awesome, the skyline is beautiful, and the river...The park screams beauty. I could go on all day how gorgeous this park is. Did I mention Apollo's Chariot? 3. Kennywood When I lived in Pennsylvania, I had this park within an hour and a half's drive, but I never went. Having gone now, I'm mad I haven't gone sooner. The line-up at this park is awesome. The way the coasters run with the terrain gives them such a unique touch (and a ton of airtime). Hopefully the next time I go, I can spend more time there than the half-day I did. 4. Kings Island Having visited just over a month ago, I sit here today regretting leaving the park early the day we went. Mystic Timbers was such a great ride, Diamondback was fun, and the duo of Banshee/The Bat is awesome. I could ride Banshee all day. I'm definitely looking forward to the day I go back. 5. Knoebels This park has a lot of personal ties to me, as I've been going since I was about five years old with my extended family. I never realized how special this place was until I started exploring this hobby. Phoenix is enough to get me to travel, but there is so much more. The gravel walkways, the trees, the openness...and Fascination. Honorable Mention: Hersheypark. I've gone twice, but the hours I've actually spent there accumulate to about five. Still waiting for my day trip till I can say for sure. Parks I want to go to: 1. Great Adventure El Toro. Should I say more? Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro. Also, the safari. 2. Dollywood Two different times I've tried to going to this park, and both times did not work out. The Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area looks beautiful and with so many things to do, I look forward to the day I can go. 3. Knotts I have this weird fascination with Knott's and Montezooma's Revenge, which also happens to be on my coaster bucket list. The style of the park is eye-catching, as well as Knott's Scary Farm. I've always wanted to go... 4. Fuji-Q/Nagashima Spaland Dodonpa is at the top of my coaster bucket list, as is Steel Dragon 2000. I'll get to Japan, eventually. 5. SFOG Like Dollywood, there were many times I've tried going, but life came and postponed it. It seems like a fairly nice park, and Mindbender is more than enough to get me interested. And with RMC rumors swirling around Georgia Cyclone, I'm hoping to get a visit here soon.
  19. Nice report! I love those photos (especially Afterburn ). The tour looked awesome, and the ERT! Only once have I ever been the single person on the ride, but being the only person on a Fury night ride? That sounds awesome. It looks awesome. Looking forward to more!
  20. I heard about the rumor, but I never believed it would come to fruition. Depressing to see this coaster leaving; it has a special place in my weird enthusiast heart. It was cool to see the steel twisting so close to each other (even though I never saw the ride duel). I'll miss it. I'm also a huge HP fan, so hopefully we can get a good/large attraction replacing it.
  21. Aw, yeah! I'm ready for August 16th. What more can I say about being excited that others haven't said already?
  22. It ended up opening mid-day during the 4th of July weekend (I saw the queue while leaving Boo Blasters). As of now though, I have no idea.
  23. I believe Volcano is up and running again, but you never know. That thing is like a temperamental toddler during the summer. If you have two days, you should be fine though.
  24. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW I just...wow. It's not much, but wow. Can I say that enough? Wow.
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