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  1. After seeing the Cobra's Curse construction pics, I'm totally onboard with a similar (better?) coaster of the sorts coming here.
  2. Good points. I can't think of any; someone else may be able to besides the Topple Towers.
  3. It's just some sort of stock image I think. That or CP and KI decided they're getting similar coasters.
  4. We went to Cedar Point June 22, a Monday, last year. The Fast Passes weren't sold out for us; in fact, we saw people buying them in the park throughout the morning. Ahead of time, we would check to see if our date was sold out (we were still debating on getting Fast Passes, which we never got). Only two days (weekends at the beginning of the month) were actually sold out. The weekdays were fine. Course, that was one year ago.
  5. ^ Glad I read the rest, since I stopped at the 'what kind of coaster' and almost left.
  6. I couldn't care who's in this year (since I am a Steeler fan), but from the beginning I wanted the Patriots nowhere near the SB. Luckily, they didn't get there this year My game choice: going with the Broncos only for the sake that (hopefully) Manning will announce his retirement after the game. Thank goodness March Madness is next month...
  7. I mean, I know people not only my age but older are intimidated by I305. It's not even just the rumors of ''you get knocked out'' that are spewed around me. It's the height. People are scared of this thing. Still. After six years. Looks like it does it's job. And for the line, that's an easy way to tell the crowd levels. Line out into the plaza with all of the switchbacks open? Park's packed. Station wait? Nobody's there.
  8. Allow me to answer that question in the way I'm sure many people will end up answering it and save them the trouble... Because it's been XXX years since we got a coaster and in that time just about every other park in the chain got at least one new coaster and we "deserve" a new coaster because our XXX anniversary is coming up and you know the park has something big planned for our XXX anniversary since we've been so "neglected by the chain" because complain complain complain insert nonsense about how we think the industry works. In conclusion we need a Hypercoaster or an RMC and not a B&M or a forceless wing rider. ... How did I do? You forgot the classic... ¨How come XXXpark got XXX when they just got XXX? If they want XXX to compete with XXX, we must build a $30 million roller coaster, even though the park attendance keeps going up! XXX deserves more than XXX because XXX does better attendance than XXX!!!¨ THIS Because of that, every time I see this thread bumped up, I cringe.
  9. Wow, this kinda came from left field. Maybe trying to make up from Tempesto? Am I the only one who possibly heard the '17-story' part in the video? It sounded like that to me; I'm not positive.
  10. ALas, I only have a Kings Domimiom Gold Pass. All though, we have been thinking about upgrading to a Platnium Pass.
  11. Even nowadays I go through the same 'more than one' Six Flags gig. I've just started to refer to each Six Flags park by their given name. (SFGAd as just Great Adventure, SFMM as Magic Mountain)
  12. This is great! I've always wondered about Astroworld, and after seeing these pictures, I wish it was still around so I could've tried Greezed Lightnin'!
  13. Yeah, it was pretty cool how the station was sloped downward to make it easier for the trains to leave the station. It'll be weird not seeing that loop pop up in my peripheral vision just as I enter Candy Apple Grove next year, or not being able to see the slow lift hill in action while on Drop Tower, but the sight of Delirium moving about might just bring the refreshing that area needs. Darn it, no matter how much Shockwave was disliked, in the end, everyone had some sort of memories.
  14. ^ That is like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for always posting these!
  15. It also does imply a starry night sky. I'd be cautious about such a concept art. By the way, as it has already happened to Air before, what happens when the ride get stuck for a long moment and you have your VR headset on? It automatically skypes a journalist who works for The Daily Mail so they can quote you in an article about how dangerous roller coasters are.
  16. Got a 12/20. Pretty fun quiz, and I'll have to check out some of the videos!
  17. iPhone 4. Perfect condition, still works, right size.
  18. Seeing the vertical pieces going up keeps reminding me of how tall this thing is for some reason. I'm excited for this; it's going to tower over the midway and look super cool, especially with the Immelman rising over the walkways. The boat though...I'll be waiting...
  19. *calls up Cedar Point asking for a new hotel in shape of skyline*
  20. Favorite drop goes to Maverick or Fury. Fury's drop felt like an eternity, and Maverick's was so sudden it caught me off guard.
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