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  1. Relocate to Knoebels. Please. It's quite sad seeing Leap-The-Dips like this. Somebody make a petition. As for the pics, thanks for showing me how dead the place really is. I didn't believe it, but MAN is that place practically abandoned.
  2. I send my prayers to the family and the boy. Hopefully he heals soon, and everything is okay. As for Rollo Coaster, how old was the kid? Was he really three? I understand there's no real seatbelt, but the boy should have had a parent with him, right? I dunno, I'll just wait and watch what happens. It's quite sad something like this happened at such a park like Idlewild. I have a good amount of memories of the ride, back when I lived in the area, so seeing it was kind of shocking.
  3. Just curious; Noticed Volcano is down all day today, and supposedly it was yesterday and maybe even the day before. Any words being tossed about? EDIT: As long as that first turn on Hurler is fixed, it makes the ride for me a whole lot better.
  4. Announcement on the 20th? Oh boy, more waiting. As for my speculation, if we got Valleyfair's Enterprise I'd be stoked. Enterprises are one of my favorite flats. Possible RMC Hurler? That'd be awesome! And, with Carowinds and Kings Island being rumored for it, I'm gonna say KD may end up getting this 'Winterfest' as well. As for Dominator, I've had a rattle...once? Twice? It was back in 2012 or some time around that, and I at least haven't had it since. And isn't the kink in the loop from when it was moved from Geauga Lake?
  5. Nice to see someone else has met the Kennywood magic. Many PA parks seem to have that kinda of atmosphere. And an Idlewild visit! These pics remind me how much I need to go back; I only was able to go for four hours and just barely snagged the main woodies and Phantom, including that insane night ride. That shot of Phantom at night, with the moon in the back, is pretty awesome. Cool TR!
  6. ^ I'm glad Hershey FINALLY has a drop tower. Three, actually. I'm looking forward to it.
  7. Whatever option the park takes, I don't mind too much. RMC? Awesome, that's gonna be so cool! All these cool elements and steel and possible records and all sorts of possibilities! GCI? Great, track re-working, new elements and updates, and a better ride in general! How fantastic! Tear it down? Cool, more room for development in that area/whatever else the park has planned! It also creates room for more speculation! While it is definately leaning more towards RMC/GCI, And I would love an RMC Mean Streak, I'll still keep my head open.
  8. Huh. Sounds cool! Edit: Wait,more announcements? Wow, this is great!
  9. ^ It's probably going to be worse. And the waterpark will be a mess too. Just bring water and keep hydrated, and sunscreen and hats are important too. I doubt the lines for any rides would be long. Good luck.
  10. This sounds pretty cool, and the concept art is definately backing it up. That exterior is to die for, too!
  11. I love following along with Hersheypark teases. Crossing my fingers for a drop tower of sorts, but I'll wait and watch. Anything can happen.
  12. Hey, the TR that gave me the idea to go to CP last year for the first time! If it wasn't for this, I wouldn't have gone!
  13. I've been to the park four times; three out of the four times the ride was racing. It makes for a different expreience for sure, at least for me. I find that the left side ran smoother than the right, but again, that was for me.
  14. ^Just saw that this morning on the local news. It's kinda crazy how many parks have had that issue within one week.
  15. If Rebel Yell is torn down, I would be super upset. After Carowinds did the same last year, the opportunity to lose our racing woodie is pretty plausible. I try to ride it as much as possible nowadays; I would hate to see it go. If anything, something else gets chopped before Rebel Yell, imo.
  16. I was at the park yesterday as well. I saw the land clearing, although it didn't look that big. I'm curious just to see how it would connect back to the park. No idea what would go there, certainly not a coaster. ^This
  17. I didn't get any FL when I went last year either. I didn't go in any particular order (I made sure to get in line for TTD when the park opened, but that was it). Try to stay on CP property (a la Hotel Breakers). If you do, you can get the hour Early Entry, which is a major help (It was for me at least). Most of the major rides (at least, from last year) will be open, and will have fairly short waits. We stayed at Breakers Express, and it was a great thing to have. We hit three coasters before the park opened thanks to it.
  18. I'm glad some other people out there agree that Dominator is an awesome coaster. Even though BGW is about two hours down the road, we can only get down there once a year. Man, it's crazy seeing the park so empty! I wish I would've been there that day...love the pictures of Alpengeist flying through the tunnel and diving off of the MCBR too. Nice report!
  19. Okay, Europe, you win. At this point in time, I'm looking forward to Wildfire opening over Lightning Rod. This thing looks AMAZING. I don't think there are any other words to use, especially towards the turnabout after the lift. The views are going to be so awesome.
  20. If it's within 14 hours of me , I'm willing to sit the wait.
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