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  1. This thing looks AMAZING. This may end up being a very photogenic masterpiece... And it's opening June 18th? Niiiiiiiiice; the day before my birthday. Epic win.
  2. ^Great to see you had such a good time at KD! As for the last row for Volcano, supposedly it gets closed off for rollbacks/weather reasons (do correct me if I'm wrong, somebody. This was what I read sometime ago, dunno if it's current.) Everytime I went last year the last row was closed I believe, but the two times I've been so far the last row was actually open. Heck, It was open the entire time I was there on Wednesday.
  3. That, according to CP is where the splashdown and monorail will be located.
  4. While it was pretty chilly out, I think everything ended up running by the end of Passholder Day. The information show before the rides opened was nice as well; some little girls beside me got excited when they announced a concert with a star from a Disney Channel show. Delirium was great; it didn't spin to much, and gave some amazing views and even airtime. Eventually, after seeing it testing, we managed to get in on I305's first ride, and plenty more afterwards. I was surprised as to many people showed up. I expected the place to be completely dead because of the weather. While midways were empty, there was always someone walking by. Lines were great; varying from a station wait to a walk-on; which was probably good for the new employees. The longest wait we had was on the free go-karts. Best part of the day: Hurler not running
  5. Well, glad to be proven wrong. Definitely excited for this, even though so little is known. The three woodies up at KD are on the rough side to say the least, so having a new woodie will be fun to ride. Not only that, It'll give me an excuse to go back down, since it's a long drive to go often.
  6. I'll be looking forward to when the offical announcement comes later today!
  7. Nice! I've seen a few things from Media Day, but haven't gotten around to it. This seems to sum it up pretty well. Super excited for tomorrow (even if it won't be running because of the weather) !!
  8. ^ I'm planning on heading down to the park on Sunday for Passholder Day unless the park says otherwise. Anyone else planning on braving the weather?
  9. Stuff like this is why I cringe every time this thread is bumped up.
  10. Yeah I'd defintely reccommend the Apple Barn! Or The Flapjack Pancake House Thanks a bunch! I appreciate it!
  11. Maverick's my favorite coaster. So, naturally, it's my avatar.
  12. So, my trip to Dollywood is all but booked right now, but we are trying to find any way possible to save money. That means saving money on hotel rooms, food, anything. That and any park advice. Anything is appreciated!
  13. Not really coaster-y but: [imgvia Imgflip Meme Maker][/img]
  14. Definitely: Kings Dominion (home park, kinda obvious) Dollywood Knoebels (yearly tradition) In-Limbo-range: Carowinds Hershey SFOG No-but-still-indecisive: BGW KI SFGAdv It's going to be a off-year, at least for me, especially after how much I did last year. We're also saving up for CF Platinum Passes, so we want to put money towards that. This'll also be my first trip to Dollywood, so I'm very excited!
  15. While a roller coaster designer would have been a great thing for me to dream about, math and I do not mix well; well enough for me to want to go into engineering. I plan on working in the industry though, more on the corporate side.
  16. Thought I posted here. Guess not. My automatic answer would be Anaconda at KD...but now that I think about it...it was Trailblazer at Hershey in 2011. Huh.
  17. That clearance is insane! Now that I know that I actually am going to Dollywood in April, I'm much more excited for Lightning Rod!
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