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  1. I saw a photo of the re-tracking a few days ago and completely forgot about it. That's a lot more than I thought they were doing! My rides last year on Rebel Yell varied through our visits; our best ride was probably opening day. It was a great ride in general; the best ride I had throughout my years going. After that it became hit or miss. Glad to see work like this being put into the ride. We saw some minor stuff being worked one when we went in August, near the top of the lift. Nothing like this though.
  2. If I'm being honest, I've ridden only four hyper coasters, three out of the four being amazing rides. Skyrush and Phantom's Revenge are pure bliss. I don't know what I could say that wouldn't sound repetitive; everyone's already said how awesome both of these rides are. Pennsylvania is a lucky state. Apollo's Chariot is the closest to me, and probably the one I've ridden the most. Thanks to this ride I love B&M pre-drops. While it's not the fastest or tallest, it was easy to re-ride and always had a short line each time I've gone to the park. Intimidator wasn't 'bad', it just felt bland to me. I only got one real moment of airtime, and the second half had me worried we wouldn't return to the station.
  3. Thunder Road, technically. I got one ride in on one side, and then the ride shut down just as I was going around for the second side. I didn't make it back down to Charlotte, and it was closed and demolished by the time I did.
  4. When I first heard about the fires, it was about two weeks ago, in South Carolina. I almost immediately thought about Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg. It scares me and makes me pray for the people in town and for their safety, since it is a tourist-y area. Hearing about the lost hotels and buildings....and now Dollywood's being threatened... Prayers for everyone out there to stay safe.
  5. Oh man, this is hard. Really REALLY hard. I guess I'll go with launches. I love lift hills, but you can tell when the top and the drop is coming. With launches you have no exact time when the car will sudden speed up. It can catch you off guard and provide a good thrill. Of course, so can the sight of the first drop at the top of the lift. Agh, Can't there be a 'both' option?
  6. When I went in June last year, wind kept the all-mighty Skyride closed all day. Oh wow, the RMC track looks niiiiiiice
  7. Oh man, the schedule is out already. And, looking at it, my marching band's trip is planned on Memorial Day weekend....Oh boy.. Either way, yay to 2017! Already looking forward to possibly heading back to Sandusky next year!
  8. You pretty much summed up my experience when I went during Columbus Day weekend/Hurricane Matthew. Although, it was Sunday, the fog wasn't TOO bad for me, and we knocked out almost every house in the first hour of Haunt without Fright Lane. Blackout was annoying though: our group got stuck, and it took us a while to get through, and it didn't help they only thing I experienced through the entire maze was the glowing skeleton thing-y right at the end. Enjoyed Trick or Treat, wish it was longer. My favorite is still No Vacancy. Glad to see somebody else enjoyed Haunt though! I got so busy I forgot to post my own photos, but you always do good reports!
  9. I was planning another Kennywood trip next year...but this sounds awesome!! I'll push my next visit back if this thing is open in 2018. This is awesome!
  10. The only seats I do on I305 nowadays are the last and first rows. Can't beat'em. I pretty much echo all of this; I did the front row twice on Grizzly last weekend on Sunday, and it was great! Best rides I had in a while. I also do the front on Dominator; although, that's more for experience. If you and coasterbill are staying through to the evening; I suggest I305, Volcano, Grizzly (especially), Dominator, and Drop Tower at night. Drop Tower at night is one of my guilty pleasure rides at night; you can look out and see the lights of the park and it looks nice. Course, that's just me. Word of warning, however; we've finally gotten a good amount of rain in the DC Metro Area, even stretching down I-95 to Richmond and beyond. It actually ended up canceling area schools and closing major roads thanks to flash flooding. The rain is supposed to die off this weekend; though some of the rain may linger through till Saturday (I don't know which day/s you guys are going). I'm sure you guys will be okay, but I just wanted to put that out there. Looking forward to your guys' report! Sounds like you two are gonna have a blast!
  11. It was for the park's Oktoberfest event I think. Definately a different way to use a Windseeker...
  12. Must've been my lucky day. We got there at 11 and Volcano was closed, but around 12:45ish, I managed to spot Volcano testing from Delirium. Glad to say Volcano was open, running seemingly well too (Managed to get a ride before the switchbacks opened), and remained open throughout the day while I was still at the park.
  13. You guys know if Volcano/305 reopened? I was planning on going to the park today; last time we went in August, Volcano wasn't open. Was kinda looking forward to it today.
  14. This past year was more of an off year for me; I managed to get out to BGW once and KD. I was also able to get to Funspot Orlando while visiting UCF, but we didn't have time for any other parks in the area. Confirmed Trips Kings Dominion (home park) BGW Cedar Point Possible Carowinds Kings Island Kennywood Hershey Knoebels SFOG Dollywood It-could-but-probably-won't-happen SFGAdv Holiday World BGT Seaworld Orlando
  15. ^ That Wildcat description is great. I don't mind Storm Runner's dual-loading station; in fact, I think it moves the line a bit faster. The problem I can see arise is trying to work your way onto which side or which row. The people can be bunched up trying to figure out which side to go on, which could back up the line. Looking forward to next year's tours (since I probably can't go )
  16. I didn't know this was a thing but I want in. Obviously it's the worst Arrow Suspended still in operation by a ridiculous margin, but being the worst Arrow suspended is like being the worst Orange Crush. Sure maybe they're better and stronger at the place up the street but it's still pretty damn good so you really have nothing to complain about. Joining is simple 1. When you make your first steps into any non-Cedar Point park, instantly criticize it for not having an Iron Dragon. 2. After riding any suspended coaster or roller coaster aimed towards families, mention it's mediocrity and inferiority to Iron Dragon. 3. Criticize any roller coaster with 'Iron' or 'Dragon' in it's name for being a wannabe Iron Dragon. 4. If you overhear anyone say 'dragon', no matter the context, look at them and yell 'IRON DRAGON!' 5. Ride Iron Dragon I'm sure I missed something, but if you would be in close proximity to my group at Cedar Point, you'd be amazed That's great . Nice seeing you went over to Hershey, and that someone else loves Maverick just as much as I do. The new restraints really make a difference (at least, to me.) Man, that Great Bear line looked awesome. I've only ever went twice to Hershey and was never able to spend a full day at the park (for other group reasons) We waited quite a while for Great Bear, and I was by myself for Skyrush. Still waiting to get my Comet ride . I'm guessing you'll have more Hershey pics as well? If you do, looking forward!
  17. Nice pictures! Makes me want to go back to CP! I've always wanted to do one of these tours, but the money's never been there for me to be able to do one. Oh well. It surprises me your group was advised to avoid the front rows. Millennium and Dragster are practically shoe-ins for the front row.
  18. How was any of the advertising misleading? Did I miss any of them saying "Snooping around our new for 2017 coaster!"? It was "misleading" because you made yourself think it was OBVIOUSLY a new coaster or RMC Hurler. It's called good PR and marketing that got people to tune in for the announcement. Unlike what a lot of you think the park should add. They do plenty of market research to determine what goes into these parks based off the budget allowed. They've determined that KD doesn't need a new coaster or the ROI does not justify it at the moment. There is a reason that CF as a chain continues to set records for attendance and per-cap spending and it's not because they want to make fanboy coaster enthusiasts happy. We do not drive their business. Families with children who spend tons of cash do. That's why this is a great addition! **Geauga Lake was my home park, I feel no sympathy that you all let yourselves get so hyped for nothing! While I was refering to the fact that Hurler wasn't mentioned at the announcement and was in one/maybe two hints online (I didn't really care whether it was RMC or not), you make valid points. Thanks for that little wake-up call.
  19. The GP won't flock to anything to anything less than an RMC hurler . I simple GCI or in-house retrack won't do anything because it's still Hurler. When was the last time the ride was somewhat popular? I wouldn't be surprised to see an announcement for Hurler getting scrapped. And if Hurler gets scrapped, there will be people who rejoice, enthusiasts and 'GP' alike. Somebody is gonna be happy and somebody is gonna be mad, no matter what happens to Hurler. They could announce an RMC Hurler and somebody will say 'its not fast or tall or have enough loops'. Can't satisfiy everybody; and it seems that with this announcement, more people are unsatisfied than satifsied.
  20. As much as I am mad over the as-of-today misleading advertising. The expansion, while small, is going to improve the park in probably the smallest way possible. Any improvement is appreciated. Something tells me that when this all dies down a bit and people are still sour, KD is gonna come out with the future of Hurler, which would break the internet in a good way and people would come flocking back praising the park and all of that. So, for now, I'm content and look forward to the future.
  21. I can't access the livestreams, so I'm going off of here for now. I'll wait for more. I'm practically chill with whatever the park gets, so this is fine to me. Misleading marketing, sure, but the rides are okay. I guess. To the KD fanboy meltdowns
  22. Darn, too bad I can't go to the passholder announcement on Saturday. Oh well. I'm surprised there's actually going to be an event of sorts. Last year, there wasn't one for Delirium, right? There really must be something up their sleeve if there's an announcement with passholders.
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