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  1. Geez, everytime I look at the camera, nothing happens. When I look away, everything happens.
  2. Well well well... #1 Steel: Maverick #1 Woodie: Phoenix Course this might change by this time next year...
  3. Despite the fact that I haven't ridden all of the coasters at CP, Maverick takes the cake. It proves you don't have to be a towering giant or a speed demon or have a bajillion inversions (while this isn't a bad thing) to be a great and fun ride.
  4. When your friends don't take you to parks because they think you will 'geek out' over the coasters and flat rides, or when you used to make weird noises on the lifts. Gosh, it was really embarrassing!!
  5. The fact that Knoebels has no skyline to speak of is part of what makes it awesome. I always thought it was amazing how well hidden it was. World's greatest diamond in the rough, if I say so myself. And for skylines, vote goes to Hershey (barely though). I remember attending an event at the Giant Center right by the park. It was fun watching Skyrush and Fahrenheit going up, and then down. I was so scared then , but, the memories stuck with me.
  6. ^ Definately agree on that. Falcon's Fury takes the cake for me though.
  7. Either KD Opening Day or Lightning Rod Opening Day (most likely KD though).
  8. ....you already labeled your calendars with opening day dates for parks/rides next year, and 2016 hasn't even arrived.
  9. Then Chick-fil-a would not exist and chaos insues. What if every B&M was replaced by a TOGO?
  10. ^There's a reason MF's theme is my ringtone. I love that song so much!
  11. Well, I'm 14. First coaster....a good ol' Vekoma called Wild Mouse at Idewild.
  12. Front row is definitely great on Floorless coasters. Something about it is amazing. Maybe because the only thing in front of your is track?
  13. I haven't, but, right after we ate at BGW for a school trip, a girl in our group (who ate only pineapples for lunch)...uh...upchucked what was left right as we pulled into Verbolten's station. The ride had to close for a bit after the ride ops cleaned up. Even to this day, I still feel really guilty, for the ops
  14. Gosh, I forgot there's only two (now three) Dive Coasters in the US. Huh. I think the placement of this machine is awesome, as seen in the pics above and on previous pages. I mean, think about the awesome sunsets from the lift/top! The views of MF and TTD! The view of looking over the midway at night!
  15. Dominator (now) at KD. I definitely blame it for causing my case of coaster addiction.
  16. An important question. I believe the Coaster Gods designate whether the coaster goes to Heaven (where BBW awaits) or Hell (where Son of Beast cackles).
  17. Ah, so when I'm away for a few days, CP decides it is the best time to install a lift piece. Wonderful. Anyone seen the camera this morning? Because that fog is AMAZINGLY AWESOME.
  19. Usually, unless I'm assigned a row/got specific suggestions for a certain ride/have ridden it before, I ride in the front row. Especially on new coasters, or if I'm with GP friends.
  20. Oh wow, how time flies. If all goes well, today is gonna be a good day.
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