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  1. Stare at the ride, watching people's reactions. Converse with fellow riders waiting as well (did this for 40 minutes while waiting for the front on I305 one night with two firemen...40 minutes well spent) Look at other rides. Laugh at how GP think that Kingda Ka is "500ish feet tall" and other stupidity... When the ride is shut down for maintence, kick around some girl's weave she lost (20 minutes in Volcano queue with nine other people) TPR App Rock Paper Scissors War!
  2. I'm hitting up Kings Dominion opening weekend, maybe Busch Gardens as well...
  3. ^^ I was refering to Kings Dominion. I know BGW has a preview day...my friend always goes and never takes me...
  4. If I'm going to Cedar Point, SFGA, SFMM, or Busch Gardens Williamsburg or Tampa, I would definatly buy one and use the crap out of it. However, because of my long patience, I tend to avoid the Fast Passes and wait in line for three hours for a ride instead.
  5. All Wave Swingers/Sky Screamers/ Windseekers Scramblers Flyers Dominator
  6. They released opening day dates! And there's a special day for season pass holders...never seen that before... I'm so hyped now!
  7. The park is designed for kids, not old farts like us. I'm glad they used a spin-off of Mr. Roger's as the theme. I wonder if they will leave easter eggs in the new version. They should...
  8. This upcoming season is going to be sweet! I got Carowinds on my bucket list, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Hershey, Kennywood, Knobels, Kings Dominion, and (maybe, since I really don't want to)....Six Flags America. *shudders* I wish I could ride Thunderbird and Twisted Colosuss...they look awesome! But the one thing I'm going to hate....: Idlewild and Soak Zone's opening their Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood reboot. Idlewild was my home park before I moved. My childhood is ruined. But, its for the next generation...
  9. For some reason, I feel as if the Tree of Life is: A. Too big to replace B. Has too many photo oppertunities. I've seen at least a billion pictures of different angles of the Tree of Life on instagram. But, maybe it could be next, honestly. I'm not saying it couldn't happen. Maybe. But also, that tree is GIANT. How would they remove it, much less how would they PAY for it?
  10. I honestly don't mind the hat. But, when I went to MGM in 2013, you were either the person who just walked right by the hat OR the person to stop, take a few pictures, take some selfies, and keep on moving. I guess the hat only works its magic on some people. Also, am I the only one who still calls the Studios 'MGM' instead? I feel so old-school...
  11. Man, I thought those colors would look terrible...but because of the colors, you can see the ride from anywhere! Oh BGWFans...you so silly sometimes.
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