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  1. Please don't yell at Ops; if there's one thing that makes me angry at a guest it's them thinking they know how we operate, or how operations should go. If you have a legitimate concern, find a Rides Supervisor and we'll address the issue. If anything, you should have taken a picture of the Op on their phone and brought it to the attention of a Sup/Guest Services. And why did you have to call her "slow and fat"? Have some decency please. Especially the last part.
  2. I like a good balance of intensity, unpredictability, comfortable restraints, and fun. A bonus is good stats but the ride doesn't have to have them if it's amazing!
  3. I think it's outrageous (i'm taking your word for it) that they charge so much for a skimpy portion of food. I prefer to eat outside of amusement parks.
  4. Well I hope Riptide's not going anywhere because as it is we have like 4 rides that go upside-down.
  5. Oh yes, I see. You meant a food VF could be known for, not literally turkey leg or pickle on a stick.
  6. Well - I mean yeah? Are you asking "If the rumor is true" would Valleyfair get a dark ride? Well yeah if it's true.
  7. They sell turkey drums near Mad Mouse and they have pickle on a stick near Planet Snoopy and Wild Thing. What are we supposed to do with that? Why don't you tell Cedar Fair.
  8. Those quotes up there have me saying stuff I didn't write, someone messed it up.
  9. How far do you have to drive to get to VF? For me it is about 40 minutes so I wouldn't like to work there.
  10. Very nice pictures. I especially liked the one of Excalibur under water.
  11. I tried an Intamin drop tower, the one at SFGAm and I preferred the S&S models. Probably because it was short at 227 feet and I guess I prefer the space shots because of the air at the top anyway.
  12. Thanks Coasterbill. I prefer H2OMG, more thrilling for me personally and less painful as well.
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