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Energylandia Park Discussion Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...
That first drop looks like it has a nice little kick before it hits the steepest part

It does kind of look like skyrush's drop, which is obviously amazing!


Also, I find it interesting how loud the lift is given that intamins usually have really quiet ones, not that I'm bothered, though

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Likely stated before, but interesting that they went with a chain lift on this one. I'm a yuuge fan of these large Intamin megacoasters (who isn't?), I hope this one rides more like EGF or Superman and doesn't try to kill you quite as hard as Skyrush does. This is absolutely on the list of places to go.

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Never heard of this park before.

First, 12 coasters, opened 2014.....with more under construction?

What on Earth its like RCT come to life!!!


Also some of these coasters seem cool.


Esp this hyper. That looks awesome as hell

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