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Energylandia Park Discussion Thread

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That element is insane, definitely looks like a highlight of this ride. Imagine sitting back row left side during that!?


The cutback is an "almost inversion" also, or at least looks that way. This thing looks perfect.

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The head-chopper on the turnaround dive looks so cool! The pacing and track length looks like it's right in the Goldilocks zone...not too short, not too long, maintains really good speed and should deliver a variety of airtime.


I like this final layout better than the earlier concept that went heavy on the s-turns and directional changes; this looks like it flows really well.

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Some of those quick-transition overbanked turns look pretty good, as does that run there at the very end.


People go absolutely nuts over Millennium Force, and it seems to be more of a "speed" coaster than an "airtime" coaster. I don't think that Energylandia has anything to worry about with this one, it looks pretty great.

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This thing just looks phenomenal. Can a U.S. park please build a new Intamin hyper? Please? That cutback/dive turn looks monumental! And from this perspective really looks like it gives incredibly close headchoppers.


I know that the video perspective could be deceiving, but the airtime doesn't seem to be very forceful.


I think its perspective, its hard to see their hair because the camera is so low. But watch the girl 2nd from right - specifically her shoelaces. Plenty of airtime. Though it does seem this is more Millennium than Skyrush as far as focus on speed, it still looks to have some very quick transitions and nice airtime pops.

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New nice info




Technical data of a gravity Roller coaster:

a. Track length - not less than 850 meters;

b. Structure height - not less than 45 meters;

c. Speed - not less than 85 km / h;

d. Number of inversions (360 degrees rotation) -

not less than 2;

e. Maximum G-force +4,5 G;

f. Minimum G-force -1 G;

g. Number of trains – at least 2

h. Number of wagons per train - not less than 6

i. Number of passengers per train - not less than 24


Guaranteed evolutions that should be used in the

roller coaster:

a. Twisted Vertical Drop;

b. Speed Hill;

c. Overbanked Turn (x2);

d. Highsider

e. Zero-G Ball;

f. Hi-Speed Carousel Turn

g. Camelback

h. Twisted Airtime Hill

i. Barell Roll;

j. Track Twist;

k. Overback Carousel

l. S-Turns

m. Trench Dip




Oh and the date

The deadline for completion of the subject-

matter of the request for tender, i.e., delivery

and commissioning for Customers of

Energylandia Theme Park shall be: 1 April

2021, at the latest.

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I'm assuming that the stuff above is for the upcoming Rocky Mountain coaster. Sounds pretty good.


Doesn't the post above state 'tilt' as in tilt coaster? Wonder who the manufacturer is since Vekoma ain't making them no more.

If that park truly is getting another modern vekoma looper, RMC, tilt coaster (and aquatrax?), we could be looking at THE next roller coaster destination of Europe...

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^^ yep that's The Tilt, that means The park will built

1. Vekoma Multi Launch Water Coaster

2. RMC

3. Mine Train (from vekoma)

4. New generation Tilt Coaster (propably Vekoma)

(5. There are rumors about Bike Coaster)


For all 4 positions Energylandia have EU subsidy

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When I get back home, I might go into details or answer some questions if there are any. It is very good coaster. I honestly expected a bit stronger ejector at the beggining (but it still is pretty great and strong, don´t get me wrong) and generally, the second half felt a bit less intensive than I expected.. I must say there is finaly a reason to visit the park. So far, I loved it. Love the first drop and dive loop.


Also talked to an employee of Energylandia and they have currently 26 hectars (might be 36, but I think I remember 26) and they plan to expand it to 150 hectars. Expanding appearently already started next to the Anaconda. They are already digging in the field next to it and the construction site was very busy two days ago. Probably a new ride (wooden coaster maybe?), because I believe planned hotel is on the other side of the park from this site.

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^^ I think that's the renovation of the street which is there and tunnels under it that they would be the transition to the next part of the park in the future.


Now the park has around 30 hectares of land and yeah its true that it will be 150 h on the future

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Hyperion is now operating with 2 trains. The capacity of the ride is now much higher, resulting in a wait time of 0 minutes, on a Saturday in July!


I can't wait to ride this in a couple of weeks.





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  • 3 weeks later...
Translation anyone?


Per the nifty little auto-translate thing in Chrome...


Tonight there was a tragic accident in Energyland in Zator. A park employee died there, serving one of the roller coaster.

According to our information, a 37-year-old from the municipality of Czernichów, a roller coaster worker, Hyperion, reached for a mobile phone which fell out to one of the clients. Then he was hit by a wagon with people using attractions.


After a few-minute resuscitation, conducted by the emergency medical team in Oświęcim, the doctor declared death.


"On the site of a tragic accident, policemen and prosecutors from the District Prosecutor's Office in Oświęcim are working in one of the amusement parks," staff aspirant Małgorzata Jurecka from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Oświęcim confirmed to Oświęcim.


Yeah, it's a rough translation, but it helps some...


Sounds like the worker was trying to get a cell phone someone dropped, and was struck by a train in the process.

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