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  1. BIG NEWS ! Propably the track for new Vekoma launch is in the Energylandia car park.
  2. A new portion of photos More here --> https://www.facebook.com/fomocoaster/ https://www.skyscrapercity.com/showpost.php?p=157604826&postcount=18213
  3. The works last in a place where the construction was not damaged. The first elements of the track are already in place. PabloA's pictures from the Polish forum : https://www.skyscrapercity.com/showpost.php?p=157473462&postcount=18177 I invite you to his page on Facebook where new photos first appear. https://www.facebook.com/fomocoaster/
  4. These three places collapsed, two of them (counting from the left) were cleaned up in the afternoon. The wind was blowing at a speed exceeding 100km / h. The good news: Energylandia had insurance. Here, before and after photos Before: After:
  5. ^^ that photo is photoshoped Wooden - propably 2019 (officialy 2020) Launch - propably 2020 (that will be clone of Shockwave but with one more launch added at the beginning with few curves and bigger capacity) So I would suggest you to wait for Tilt and mine train in 2022, 2023. For me those are, for now, distant future... but you never know Plus - festivals are back in this year, you can buy the tickets for two of them ( https://ticket.energylandia.pl/80-90 ) The rest will be announced soon.
  6. This is the map of probable location of all this stages, zones and modules The first stage : three modules of fire , one module of water Second stage : Themed hotel Third stage : Themed hotel, museum of carp (yes... that fish), parkings Fourth stage : Entrace zone, one module of water, two "X" ( Earth or Air ) modules, one "Y" module (Earth or Air) Fifth stage : year-round water park Sixth stage : one "X" module, one module of water, two "Y" modules ??? : Maybe festival zone ( btw. there will be two festivals in 2019 )
  7. https://docplayer.pl/71051355-Rozbudowa-parku-rozrywki-energylandia-w-zatorze-tom-1-tematyzacja.html ^^^ This is a theming conception of the new part of Energylandia. We got it today from a new forum member of Skyscrapercity. So... it is a file that should not be out but it went out, so I will try to translate the most important things. The park will be divided into four parts (elements): Fire, Water, Air, Earth each zone will be divided into three subzones. 1.1 THE ENTRANCE ZONE AND THE POSITIVE ENERGY SQUARE The entrance zone located in the south-eastern part of the complex was di
  8. RMC https://www.skyscrapercity.com/showpost.php?p=151489346&postcount=15757
  9. ^^ I think that's the renovation of the street which is there and tunnels under it that they would be the transition to the next part of the park in the future. Now the park has around 30 hectares of land and yeah its true that it will be 150 h on the future
  10. ^^ yep that's The Tilt, that means The park will built 1. Vekoma Multi Launch Water Coaster 2. RMC 3. Mine Train (from vekoma) 4. New generation Tilt Coaster (propably Vekoma) (5. There are rumors about Bike Coaster) For all 4 positions Energylandia have EU subsidy
  11. New nice info https://bazakonkurencyjnosci.funduszeeuropejskie.gov.pl/file/download/817410 Tilt Edit. Oh and the date
  12. The UE is supporting all three coasters - wooden, multi launcher and mine (which Energylandia didnt show yet), tilt was accepted by UE and Energandia have UE funds for it but still didn't talked about this coaster publicly. What about festivals ? There is nothing for now... Park was organising them but now there is no place for it and festivals will be back in few years but in bigger scale (there was a rumour about Ultra Europe Festival and about 25 hectars large place for the festivals)
  13. ^^ They are thinking about two days tickets, price will not go much higher after opening hyper couse of polish people earn less than west european countrys so the tickets must be around 100/ 150 pln for now, maybe in few years it will be 200 ? Who knows. Small info: there are roumors that the park will have 150hectars in ...2020, And the other thing, wooden coaster in Energylandia propably will not be the first in Poland, Majaland in Kownaty (west Poland) will start costruction of wooden coaster (propably some kind of Heidi the ride at plopsaland) in 2/3 months
  14. Three coasters will be certainly build Here are finalized auctions ---> https://energylandia.pl/o-nas/przetargi/ Park have around 120 hectares free space so they have enough space for these coaster
  15. Little update Photo from the drone Aaand...first elements arrived today
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