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  1. We are going to Heide Park this wednesday. Any idea about how busy the park could be? Is it worth getting express buttler? From what I remember, if the que is not long enough, you can´t even use it? Just wondering if it´s worth getting it, since park might be a bit more busy during week days too, since it´s Halloween?
  2. When I get back home, I might go into details or answer some questions if there are any. It is very good coaster. I honestly expected a bit stronger ejector at the beggining (but it still is pretty great and strong, don´t get me wrong) and generally, the second half felt a bit less intensive than I expected.. I must say there is finaly a reason to visit the park. So far, I loved it. Love the first drop and dive loop. Also talked to an employee of Energylandia and they have currently 26 hectars (might be 36, but I think I remember 26) and they plan to expand it to 150 hectars. Expanding appearently already started next to the Anaconda. They are already digging in the field next to it and the construction site was very busy two days ago. Probably a new ride (wooden coaster maybe?), because I believe planned hotel is on the other side of the park from this site.
  3. Thanks a lot, I think we will go with Krakov then, already found an accomodation. Can´t wait to try Hyperion <3
  4. Im excited about Hyperion. Is it open actually? By the way, planning a trip there next week. Do you have any tips regarding accomodation or other sightseeings and interesting places?
  5. I came across this photo in the link you posted... And holy crap!! The track on the lift hill though... I was there shortly before they closed it. Will try to look after some pictures to see if the lift hill was that bad back in 2016. I think it wasn't, but the ride itself was very rough.
  6. Here you can find some more pics of whats happening on site. https://www.coasterfriends.de/forum/14381-2019-neuheit-wiedereroeffnung-colossos-komplettes-retracking-heide-park-4.html
  7. Honestly, haven´t seen the result of Peppe land at Heide Park, so cannot judge. And I´m not the target group, so don´t care that much. I also wouldn´t be too harsh regarding ride removals. Most of the rides removed made sense. I don´t feel sorry for anything they removed (except the Slammer at Thorpe - I loved it, but I also understand why it is removed). The rides removed were usually sub-par rides and probably quite hard to maintain, so why keep them? Colossos is different story though, but in the end, I like they decided to make sacrifices to save it. I also like the WickerMan at Alton so far.
  8. Kudos to Merlin. One of the first who realized this and openly admitted. Overally, last months I really like what they do. I think they now go in the right direction
  9. Well, what is better then? Saying this is lots of wood and statue is unfair. Even the statue itself is actually neat, but the big part of theming here are the effects too. All together, it works perfectly and I think this indeed is the best themed ride Merlin has.
  10. Indeed, if that´s the case, they better to tear it down and build a new rollercoaster. I love Colossos, but it will probably be really better.
  11. Can anyone post short summ of what is being said? Because YT doesn´t translate it for me.
  12. (Translated) Source: Heide-Park Facebook No word on Colossos, for those who are wondering. I´m just not wondering anymore....
  13. Do you have any experiences how it is in January? Is the park packed? Or is it better to head there in november for instance?
  14. I hope they take better care of this woodie than they did with Colossos at Heide Park....
  15. Yeah colossus has disgusting operations. Its horrific! I'm not sure with Saw's queueboard but its been like that all year I think the display is broken maybe? I wasn't sure if it had something to do with the Saw films, which I haven't seen. Agree, Thorpe Park and Heide Park is not bad at all. They truly have some very good attractions. But the way they run their parks is horrible. Thorpe Park has problems with keeping rides up and running.
  16. Damn I simply love how Colossos looks like. It will be missed.
  17. Can´t agree more. The IP stuff thing is soo SixFlag-ish.
  18. Well, you rly cannot judge the state of the ride by riding it, can you? I can honestly imagine that if they didn´t care enough for 15 years, there might be structural damage (which is obviously not visible by eye).
  19. I remember seeing Aqua Spin down a lot in the last two years (the park has an app that lets you see wait times and ride closures which I often check in on when I'm bored) and it was still closed for winter maintenance when I visited the park. Since Merlin killed Ripsaw at Alton last year I guess it was only a matter of time. It's really a shame too since the area with all the flat rides is one of the nicer spots in the park. At least it's themed cohesively with a decent atmosphere. Its actually very interesting (and sad) to compare how many rides Merlin killed within lets say 4 years and how many they added (and what the additions were like).
  20. Honestly, looking at Colossos, It wouldn´t surprise me. I was there last year and when we came there, my friends were like "it´s shame, it must have been great coaster" thinking it´s actualy old and disfunctional.It rly does look that bad, I would think the same if I didn´t know a lot about the park from the internet . I hope they keep nemessis (at this point, probably only one attraction worth mentioning from Merlin´s portfolio), they might do that, since it seems like the only ride they showed some love recently. Even though, they also re-themed colossos last year... I cannot get rid of the feeling they want to kill Merlin slowly and surely. Btw, I heard Thorpe and Heide have quite low attendance this year. Not sure if true, but if so, it´s well deserved.
  21. How? Honestly, the only problem here is the money. And that they let it to get this far. Merlin is soulless corporation, so they rly don´t care about their rides as Phantasialand/Europapark or some other mostly family owned parks do.
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