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  1. That POV confirmed what I thought: This beast is amazing
  2. As a web designer, I really like it. I've seen a little and not really important visual issue, which is that when you write an answer, the textbox fills 70% of the screen and not 100%. Picture attached.
  3. So this is my first finished park, as I often leave my projects unfinished. Steam link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1405227543 Six Flags Barcelona would be an amusement park localized between Barcelona and Mataró, Spain. I created this having Great Adventure and Magic Mountain as a reference for the squares, names etc. It features 32 rides, of which 9 of them are roller coasters (tried to build it as realistic as possible): Medusa -> RMC hybrid coaster Shooting Stars -> Maurer Söhne spinning coaster Roar -> Great Coasters International wooden coaster Viper -> B&M Floorless Rattlesnake -> Vekoma, kiddie Goliath -> B&M Gigacoaster The Dark Knight -> B&M Wing Coaster Mr Freeze’s Spinemelter -> Vekoma Boomerang Blacktop -> Mack Rides LIM Pictures! Hope you enjoy!
  4. We must put this video as the definition of Epicness.
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