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  1. That’s terrible. Hope everyone heals and they figure out what happened.
  2. This looks great, this area is going to be really nice next year.
  3. I saw a post on one of the Kings Island's fan Facebook pages talking about Cedar Point having this as well, haven't heard anything about the others.
  4. Seen some videos and pics, people have put up online of the Grand Carousel all renovated, it looks amazing!
  5. Not a good night for Kings Island. I had also read that there was a fight in the Festhaus on opening day or season pass holder day, one of those two. Man, let’s hope this doesn’t get as bad as it did last year.
  6. Good luck to Knott's, I hope this works out for them, the coaster looks great!
  7. It looks like the park has a new general manager, Sarah Worrell. Craig Ross, the former GM of Kentucky Kingdom, will assume a new role as the president of Kentucky Kingdom. Kentucky Kingdom names new general manager - Louisville Business First (bizjournals.com)
  8. Thank you both! Great pics as well pianojohn. I went to the first 2 Coasterstocks, KI really does a awesome event!
  9. I will be going either Wednesday or Thursday, anyone know when the line closes on Orion when they’re getting ready for the fireworks? Thanks
  10. I just read this on Yahoo news, yes terrible 1 person now dead, others injured. My thoughts and prayers are with those effected. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/1-dead-3-injured-raft-102900553.html
  11. There is a live stream on WDRB Facebook page Link (1) WDRB News | Facebook
  12. Guess if you want a night ride on Orion, better go on July 4th.
  13. I support the park 100%. This is ridiculous being closed this long.
  14. Not good news for Six Flags. Six Flags shares were initiated sell at Goldman, which said the park operator is exposed to areas with the highest rates of coronavirus infection https://www.thestreet.com/investing/six-flags-shares-off-after-goldman-initiates-coverage-at-sell
  15. Walmart, Amazon, Facebook has been giving the Washington Post tons of money, and they're one of the newspapers who are pushing for things to stay closed. These big corporations are ranking in profits like never before, they don't care about small businesses, the less there is the more money they make. There goes that argument, us putting money above people.
  16. You are 100% correct, they are not. It's going to a hard task for some people to learn how things work. People have to grow up, we can't sit here in our homes, and be scared forever. Not every state is NY, if any other state had a county that had high coronavirus, we would not shut down the whole country, and NY would laugh at that idea. It's bizarre to say someone doesn't care about life because they want to get on with things. We should never listen to Cuomo, or any other failed state's governor, who is trying to keep this going so they can get bailed out, that would show how incompetent they are, they can't have that! smh
  17. You're right, we can't ruin the lives of millions for this. It's like stopping things for a car wreck, or the flu, or anything else. We have to move on, the debt of the nation is out of control. I don't want anyone to die, but we have to go on, open things up slowly. Not since the Great Depression has the country seen anything like this.
  18. Ah, thanks! I figured it wasn't from today given that the media LOVES to use OLD images as "current" images. This might be a more accurate one then... Given none of the forbidden items are in shot. (From another news source.) This turned out to be another fake (not lately) picture the media was spreading. This is why people don't trust the media.
  19. No, this is not a healthcare crisis, it is another financial crisis the nation is going through. This is even a bigger crisis then the 2007-2009 crisis, with a ton of companies needing bailed out, or loans from the gov. Banks are needing a direct link to the Fed to supply them more money... The media and gov is telling us its a healthcare crisis, while Anthony Fauci says the fatality rate is being estimated by him to be 0.1%. Gold was up $50.00 an oz yesterday, and the government is printing tons of money, much more then all of the prior QE combined. Moody's placed the US corporate debt pile to 'negative' from stable. Yum Brands was also placed on negative watch, they own Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC. This is terrible for the US economy, spending is out of control. Expect some parks to close or be sold off. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/30/moodys-cuts-outlook-on-6point6-trillion-us-corporate-debt-pile-to-negative.html
  20. Here is a CNBC MarketWatch article talking about the troubles at SIX. It says the 2020 outlook remains gloomy.. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/six-flags-stock-hammered-after-surprise-loss-downbeat-guidance-and-dividend-cut-2020-02-20
  21. Looks like Coasterstock tickets have sold out! Hope everyone who wanted to go got theirs in time. I went to the 15 and 16 event, it was a lot of fun!
  22. Kings Island also has these open during Winterfest: Scrambler Grand Carousel Woodstock Gliders Zephyr I do agree though, they really need another coaster open, lets hope Flight of Fear is for 2020's Winterfest.
  23. They had Flight of Fear open last year, my guess is they will hopefully have it open next year. KI has opened up almost all of Coney Mall, so they've added rides since 2017. I'm glad that Winterfest has been a success, and it keeps going for a long time!
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