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  1. Was the elevator moving prop still a thing? That was so awesome in Corridors.
  2. Did anyone go into the new house that replaced Corridors of Chaos and Jungle Apocalypse? How was it?
  3. It's currently down for weather. It's not nice down in Mason currently.
  4. College spring break resulted in a trip to Scene 75 in Dayton for this thing! Tsunami
  5. What an opening day it was... Barely anything open: Fights: And even a fire to end off the opening day!: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1085461741835785/permalink/1810763205972298/
  6. Does WoF have any issues with finding staff? I wonder why a lot of things are being removed or not operated.
  7. Kings Island has announced the I-Street Skyline Chili replacement!
  8. Based on the 2023 park map (it was posted on a Facebook group), Falcon's Flight is removed from the map. So either it is SBNO or completely trashed.
  9. Sometimes manufacturer recommendations change, and therefore Six Flags added it (almost) park wide. I'm pretty sure all of the S&S drop towers have them now chain wide.
  10. Thank god, closing this AND Motocoaster for the season would have been awful.
  11. I am surprised that it is not a Skyline! This is Six Flags' return to Vekoma for an attraction, which is exciting. Also I am glad it is an original name, and not slapping on a DC or Looney Tunes trademark.
  12. THIS! Like yeah, the distance from Rochester and Buffalo is long enough that it is hard to get folks to want to work there... but why not introduce a transportation method or something? If y'all remember that scary bus ride they used to do... I'm sure they could use that to transport people.
  13. Can someone explain... why some of these rides are under the water rides section??
  14. I saw some discussion about Flash Pass earlier... I'm going next Wednesday, but the park has been busy. Would a Flash Pass be a good buy?
  15. Not sure if it's on purpose, but reservations can be made for Darien Lake's opening weekend already.
  16. I absolutely loved La Ronde, on my trip in 2019 where this park was grouped with Great Escape and Canada's Wonderland, I surprisingly had the best day at La Ronde. The park was not busy whatsoever, Monstre was open, there were fireworks, and the operations were not bad! I love their collection of coasters and flats, I LOVE Titan and Vertigo, and Goliath and Super Manege (rip ) were awesome coasters. I'm really bummed they didn't put Vipere ANYWHERE else in the park because there were other options on where to put it (i.e Cobra's old plot, empty show building next to Cobra's plot, old sky ride[?] station), but I'm sure Vipere will be a way to get more guests in.
  17. Are there any tips on finding fellow LGBT enthusiasts possibly in your specific area or region?
  18. Does that happen AFTER I go this year? Or I can delete and readd my membership in the app?
  19. How does the membership upgrade work? Do the people at guest services or something know you kept paying while the park closed and give you the next membership level card?
  20. Would FTU be a must if you're going on a weekend? I really don't wanna splurge $130 PER PERSON for that...
  21. I'd say most parks this year have opened with some rides not opening for the season, whether it's because they're still working on them or can't socially distance groups on the ride. I assume that SDL + Storm Runner have maintenance that still need to be done on them, or they're waiting on parts.
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