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  1. In other news, if you look at the Fright Fest page on Darien Lake's event page, it shows the original 3 mazes/walkthroughs we had last season, but also a new one called Corridors of Chaos.
  2. ^ 86, 3, and 23 keep reappearing in those teasers, and they mentioned record breaking in the 2nd one...
  3. When I went it was open, had a problem that needed maintenance come, but I didn't leave the line.
  4. I'd take this ride over the worst Zacspin on the planet any day. It was super fun when I rode it in July.
  5. It's been confirmed on La Ronde's Instagram that Super Manege is closing August 27th. Ugh, such a good ride.
  6. ^ Different selections? Lol, Some don't have stuff like in the Cafe where they might have a brick oven pizza station (like mine does ) or just slices, for example.
  7. New England doesn't have an Enterprise, and Endeavor would be good for the park.
  8. ^ This is why I can't wait to get Mobile Food ordering from Six Flags, I can't bear food operations here, they're TERRIBLE, especially when the food I like is only at the boardwalk, which seems to always be the worst.
  9. ^ I went on a Monday during July, and it was also packed, Yukon is absolutely awesome and I can see why the park is always packed now, totally beats Valravn. (Only waited around 10 minutes because I had FL+ )
  10. ^ What about the decent sized plot of land next to Ride of Steel? It's fenced off, and was used for Fright Fest a while back, now it's never used (although maybe Kingdom Bound uses it? I don't know as I stay away from the park during KB).
  11. ^ Makes sense, we got two years of back to back water park additions, but a replacement to hooks is kinda needed.
  12. ^ Oh but Goliath is airtime NONSTOP, I love that coaster, rode it +20 times and got stuck on the brake run, perfect timing cause the fireworks were going on!
  13. Darien Lake doesn't really need to do much to reel guests back in for another season, SkyScreamer and the membership program reeled in LOTS of people back, and even if we add a new splash pad or a Midi discovery, people will still get pumped for it (just depends on which group of people they're aiming for) and want to return.
  14. Why do they even use it all then? There's no point of a structure if you go to the top and there's no slides or buckets.
  15. I'd be okay with them bringing in a new kids splash pad because ours is crap, you can see the paint chipping, and half the features (including the bucket) aren't even working.
  16. ^ Rode the one at Great Adventure... Every hill at the top I flipped and kept' doing so throughout the ride. It's all about weight distribution, so I got really lucky and got lots of inversions lol.
  17. Don't some Six Flags parks leave one kids area alone while the other is themed to Looney Tunes? If so, we could still have Rowdy's Ridge, and Beaver Brother's Bay could be Looney Tunes themed.
  18. ^ Why not just make a DC area near ROS, retheme it back to Superman, and add a Discovery next to it/down the path next to it? It gives people more of a reason to go down there, because all that's down there is a food stand and ROS.
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