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  1. ^ They also closed early for HITP in 2016 due to low attendance and freezing conditions, and because of that, half the rides they said were open on the website for HITP were closed. PLUS, they ended the season early due to cold weather and delayed their 2017 season for the same reason.
  2. Theme parks here want to make a quick buck because they implement that their fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo are the ONLY way to store your loose articles w/o getting ejected from the park.
  3. ^ They might valley more than others, it doesn't depend on the height, there's many other factors.
  4. (Or AROUND the same price as buying a day ticket and parking, my apologies) ^
  5. ^ A day ticket is the same price as a gold season pass because of the never ending season pass and membership sales Six Flags runs, so if you bought the season pass you wouldn't have to pay for parking.
  6. ^ They're most likely gutting it for SFGadv's Twister, which all the top spins Six Flags are removing are used for parts for it.
  7. ^ https://www.sixflags.com/darienlake/attractions/live-entertainment They slowly are transforming it into a SFDL website, it takes time, it's the least of their priorities.
  8. ^ Also they used to have pre-recorded messages about ride rules/etc in all the coasters queues when riders would board.
  9. Does anyone from other Six Flags parks redeem their membership points? If so are there any rewards for you guys now? I'm curious, I don't know if rewards are for every park and come at different times or it's specific for the park.
  10. If you guys really wanna get a laugh, ANY StarKid musical is amazing for that! Their next show (this year) is called "Black Friday," and I SO wanna see it! http://www.teamstarkid.com/black-friday Also, all their past shows are on YouTube to watch completely free! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]This is my FAVORITE one, "The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals," awesome show.
  11. Hasa Diga Ebowai from The Book of Mormon LOL
  12. ^ Hey, that means ride replacements. Six Flags LOVES removing rides for spare parts then replacing said ride with something from their cookie cutter selection (*cough* Twister), which I'm not complaining about.
  13. ^ No, Pirate opened for a hot minute in 2018, for like not even a week.
  14. People on the Darien Lake twitter are yapping about SFDL not being on the app yet... haha. Also the in-park wifi is up! Surprising because it said for all the parks "New for this summer!" and SFGAdv didn't have it when I went last week.
  15. I'll be there Saturday-Sunday, although I have to still finish my SFGadv report lol, uploading and putting iPhone photos in order on the website is no fun.
  16. It’s been great, walk ons or 5-10 min waits, I know it’ll get more crowded as the day goes on but I’ve done everything I need in terms of credits. Zumanjaro (or however ya spell it) is closed once again so I won’t be getting to that. :/
  17. There was some Jewish event going on yesterday, which was a majority of the crowd. Got a ride on everything except Lantern, Superman, and Skull, going back today though for those three + to take some more photos.
  18. Got into New Jersey today. Found pamphlets advertising Wonder Woman in my hotel. Most likely doing a TR tomorrow haha so be on the lookout. It also advertised Calypso Springs for Hurricane Harbor.
  19. I'm headed down Tuesday + Wednesday so I'd assume schools are back in session then.
  20. I've done Skull Mountain during HITP haha, it was absolutely awesome. I'm pretty excited for Toro and Ka.
  21. I'm going here next Tuesday and Wednesday woop! I've only been here once, during HITP, and so I never got to ride Nitro, Ka, etc. So I'm super excited!
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