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  1. Isn't Club Cool closing due to all these upgrades? I'll be sad to see it go, but awesome changes!
  2. That looks absolutely crazy. Whoever lives there is probably ecstatic.
  3. ^ I'm kinda leaning towards a kids expansion, the new balloon ride is behind Viper, so they could be waiting to assemble it as a group with other new/upgraded kids rides.
  4. ^ Whatever you first pay (even if you get the cheaper price during a sale), that's what you pay for every month, it doesn't change.
  5. So the new halloween haunt is gonna be in the SAME building as Jungle Apocalypse..? How are they gonna fit two queues and haunts in the same building, WITHOUT people getting confused?
  6. ^ How big is that plot? Since there's already a Joker coaster, it could be a free spin maybe themed to Harley?
  7. ^ They were starting to repaint Mind Eraser a while back, you can see some of the supports that were done.
  8. ^ But there's 3 parks that are owned by Six Flags that don't use it because they don't see a need to use it: Frontier City, Great Escape, and La Ronde.
  9. A couple of pages back I mentioned a new haunt coming to Fright Fest this year that I found on the website, and now the Fright Fest chair/tombstones/coffins are out advertising... There ya go (:
  10. Probably Cedar Point real soon before September THEN Six Flags Over Texas around Christmas time!
  11. ^ Joker free fly coaster and a tilt a whirl themed to Harley would be cool in the future.
  12. Ooooh gotcha, so is it different every year then? Different rides are closed?
  13. So some people got ERT today for national coaster day, but the member email said it was tomorrow...?
  14. ^ Wonder why that is... I'm going in Christmas so I at least was hoping for Texas Giant and Titan to be open, so that's good.
  15. I asked for proof and all he said was : Yeah "These are just rumors" "No"
  16. No, CP uses their version of Grizzly Run as a corn maze. The trough where the rafts and water usually are is drained and lined with corn stalks. Fright Fest isnt a kids oriented event anyways so who cares if its normally a family area. Grizz is in that section that as fully blocked off last year during Fright Fest. Rowdy’s ridge and Mind Eraser were all closed, so unless they were to find a way of having enough workers to keep that area open, not sure if they’d want to do that. They could just open that area up for the haunt, and have the rides closed... have scare actors walking around the area leading up to the haunt.
  17. So they use their rapids ride's queue as a maze? Just thinking that if they were to do that, that's in a children's area, don't think that would be a good idea..
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