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  1. Question! My phone plan doesn't include out of the states data, so do either La Ronde and/or Canada's Wonderland have in-park wifi?
  2. Read what is above this. + They do have GO Fast Pass which is the equivalent of Flash Pass. It might be useful for that weekend, as it does get a little crowded on weekends before school starts here.
  3. Anyone else think the Shipwreck Falls splash is a little mediocre this year? It barely gets over the bridge.
  4. I was at SFDL a few days ago and absolutely nothing had a line, I walked on to Skyscreamer twice.
  5. So I found out we could get a military discount ticket for $24 each at Fantasy Island a while ago, and today we decided to go! The park is really nice! It looks very well kept, the buildings look pretty nice (I loved western town), and the rides are very nice! The kids area is a great addition for this park, it’s themed pretty well! Silver Comet: A pretty good CCI! The back was better than the front, you get pops of airtime in the back rows without getting slammed to the side whenever it turns. I enjoyed it very much! Crazy Mouse: Your typical Zamperla spinning mouse coaster, I got a pretty good amount of spinning lol. Was a little rough though. I never got to Max’s Doggy Dog coaster or Dragon’s Flight for the credits as we got there a little late and it closed at 7pm. BUT we ended up upgrading to a season pass cause it was only $10 to do so! So that means we can come back of course, or go to Indiana Beach! Pretty cool! Mind Warp was UNREAL. Watching it I was thinking “is this gonna be the first ride I’ll ever get sick on?” but thankfully I didn’t haha. Once it started to swing oh my gosh it was so crazy, yet amazingly fun! Absolutely loved it. The antique cars are pretty cool! The bridge was nice, and I honestly prefer these over Darien Lake’s. I didn’t eat here, as we ate beforehand and weren’t here for long, but I did get dippin’ dots lol. Onto the photos! (: Really cool that they have I Got It! here. Thanks for a great first time Fantasy Island! The Golden Nugget, nice theming for a restaurant. The park’s setting is so nice! Very naturesque. Crazy Mouse + the Ferris wheel, which was down for some reason, the motors for it were on the ground. I love a good Zamperla Disk’o! Happy anniversary!!! My dad got this AWESOME shot! Mind Warp + Silver Comet at their peak and the Disk’o (I literally don’t know the name of) starting to run. This was a “next time because we just ate.” Lol Very photogenic! I’ll say it again, UNREAL. Awesome woodie. Hello Western Town! UNREAL. It was a very nice afternoon here, hot + sunny.
  6. I’m really proud of myself for taking these really cool shots yesterday!
  7. Woah, that sounds crazy. I'm really excited to get to it this July!
  8. ^ Hey, it's still an improved ride lol, the 2nd half is now actually enjoyable and faster a lil.
  9. ^ It's like Skyliner at Lakemont Park, the first airtime moment it felt like you were gonna fly out because there's only a lap bar. It isn't bad, just hold on for when you feel like a "scary airtime" moment is coming.
  10. Will do! Is there any sort of plan I should do for La Ronde or Wonderland? I know those two parks will be the busiest, so should I start from the back of the park, hit a certain ride, or...?
  11. How do you think lines (both for rides and food service) would be during the week in summer?
  12. ^ Noted, thanks! I am planning to get FastLane/Flash Pass for both CW and LR, but we're going during the weekdays, so would it be slammed at CW, probably gonna play it by ear (or sight haha). Yeah, I've lived here my whole life and never have been to Fantasy Island, I always was a Darien Lake kid (and still am).
  13. The website isn't done yet, which is probably needed for the app to work, so once it's finished (which it's coming together from the looks of it), it'll be on there a little after.
  14. I did wanna adventure around Montreal itself, I'm going into La Ronde with lower than low expectations lol, just gonna get the credits, ride my first Giant Discovery, ride Vol Ultime for the view, and leave.
  15. Skyscreamer at sunset is so pretty (: It’s a pretty long ride cycle, longer than other Skyscreamers I’ve been on! Great addition to the park. It’s really pretty! I love the lighting package it has.
  16. ^ Joker's Jinx really didn't want you talking lol. What an awesome tour!! I sure do love the cleaning supplies on the sink, awesome theming.
  17. Thanks for the advice, I'm planning on going during the week (would that make a difference?), so it might not be as crowded. I'm usually one to be okay with park food.
  18. Hi y'all! So this Summer, around the end of July, I'm planning to do my first "multiple park road trip." I'm sort of looking for advice, plan of attack, etc, from locals of the parks I'm going to, or honestly anyone really. The order would probably be: Canada's Wonderland La Ronde Great Escape Seabreeze (maybe?) I have a Six Flags Gold Plus membership (because my home park is SFDL) with a dining pass, so what should I do for Canada's Wonderland? Should I expect to buy a fast lane ahead of time? Also what parks should we go out of the park to eat for? It's my dad and I (we're both roller coaster people, we'll ride anything haha), and we're trying to get on everything most likely. Wondering if any of the parks would be a two-day park, and what rides should we go to first.
  19. I miss Carnvile(?), it was cool that they brought defunct ride cars/pieces out, it was nostalgic.
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