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What was your favorite ride of 2013?

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What was your favorite ride of 2013? It doesn't have to be a "new for 2013" ride, just whatever rides you rode in 2013 that were your favorite!


I think I'd have to go with....


3. Iron Rattler

2. Outlaw Run (Yes, it was an amazing RMC year!)



Who would have ever thought that a Vekoma would be my #1 favorite ride of the year, but OMG, that ride was seriously just screwed up and AWESOME!!!!


Post yours!



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I didn't ride a lot of new coasters this year, so I would say:


1. Juvelen, it's the biggest surprise I've ever had in a coaster. I excepted a regularish family ride, and I got blown away big time! (it's still a family ride, but oh-boy what a family ride it is)


2. Piraten, best coaster in the world, as always.


3. Balder, Speed Monster is pretty close, since it's one of my favorite rides, for a lot of reasons, but not close enough for the third place.


(Yes, it was an amazing RMC year!)


Next year will probably be as well.

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I didn't make it to many parks this year, but here were my top 3.

3. Mystery Mine. I knew it would be fun, but not that fun!

2. Batman backwards! I didn't count namtaB as a new credit, but Batman is a great coaster, and in my opinion it was even better backwards! I hope I get to experiencd one of the other clones with the backwards trains again someday, because I though it rocked.

1. Thunderhead. GCI at its best! Dollywood as a whole was an awesome experience.


If it's ok, I'm going to add the 3 I'm most looking forward to in 2014.

3. Volcano: The Blast Coaster. Just a cool looking coaster, and one that's been on my "bucket list" for a long time.

2. Goliath (SFGAm). It will be my first RMC, and it looks like it will be fantastic! FINALLY my home park is getting a coaster that makes me excited to ride.

1. I-305. I fully expect this to be one of the best coasters I will ever ride, and I am practially counting down the days until my KD visit.


Here's to what should be a great 2014! Happy New Year, TPR!!

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Wel let's see.

Best new credits:

3. Boosterbike (Toverland)

2. Troy (Toverland)

1. Psyké Underground (Walibi Belgium)


Best coasters I did in 2013:

3. Troy (Toverland)

2. Psyké Underground (Walibi Belgium)

1. Goliath (Walibi Holland)

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Hmm . . . here are my top three "new" coasters for 2013:


1. Maverick--this ride was even better than I'd anticipated.

2. Ravine Flyer 2--new top-ten material.

3. Space Fantasy--I had no idea what was going on, but that didn't matter.


When it comes to non-coasters:


1. Radiator Springs Racers--not as "thrilling" as Test Track at Epcot, but it packs plenty of fun in a great setting.

2. Transformers (Orlando)--another ride that was better than I'd anticipated.

3. The "new" Test Track--Disney did a great job upgrading an already classic ride.


Oh, these are in no particular order, and Journey to the Center of the Earth at DisneySea tops just about everything.

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1. Outlaw Run - Especially when I rode it in the front seat.

2. Iron Rattler - All of my rides on the last row, on the left side. I believe that is the magic seat.

3. Maverick - The ERT on the Texas/Midwest Tour was insane and moved Maverick up on my list.

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2013 was a weird year for me. I didn't get to do my customary visits to Great Adventure or KD, but I still got to do some new parks and re-visit BGW and Dorney, which I hadn't done in a while. I'd have to say:


3. Talon. This is my favorite invert, over Raptor, Montu, and the other typical favorites. I've made four visits to the park in the past 5 or 6 years and Talon is definitely a back-row-ride. I know that there are some seats in the middle rows that aren't always as forceful, but I have no idea what people are saying when they call it forceless. The drop, trenches, random airtime drop in the middle, then awesome, disorienting turns at the end really make this ride.


2. Phantom's Revenge. This year marked my first visit to Kennywood and this coaster was a huge surprise. The two big drops were a bit underwhelming, but the speed it picks up after the second drop felt dangerously fast. The airtime hills at the end were killer and I came within an inch of slamming my face onto the front of the car. I rode in back first then in front after and it's just as good in both spots.


1. Skyrush. Awesome. Scary. Hard to re-ride. I can't decide if I like Skyrush more than El Toro or not. I can ride the bull a million times in a row with my hands up, but Skyrush makes you hold on for dear life. Not to mention that the thigh-crushing is still really bad. They got better this year with the modifications, but it's still pretty un-bearable, and I'm usually not one to complain about that stuff. All that aside, this coaster is so awesome. Perfect drop, scary strong airtime, hold-on-for-dear-life turns and transitions. The perfect cure for those who have stopped being scared by coasters and want to bring the fear back.


I guess all three of mine are in PA. Special shout outs to Apollo's Chariot for still being awesome and White Lightning for being the best intermediate woodie I've been on!

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My top three of 2013 would be:


3. Sheikra (BGT)

2. The American Eagle (SFGAm - sentimental fave - rode it again for the first time in 20 years in 2013)

1. Raging Bull (SFGAm - new credit for me)


Looking forward to Goliath at SFGAm in 2014.


Happy New Year TPR!

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1. Outlaw Run - now my #1 wooden coaster.


2. Intimidator at Carowinds-first ride none of the trims kicked in and even with the trims, I thought it was good.


3. Afterburn at Carowinds-nice invert with a great layout, and that batwing element in the back row is awesome!


Honorable mention goes to: Powder Keg, Thunderation and Wildfire at Silver Dollar City, Patriot and Prowler (at night) at WOF, and Batman: The Ride, Mr, Freeze and American Thumder at SF St. Louis. Also have to give a shout to Carolina Cyclone at Carowinds, which was my coaster #100.


Those were just new ones for me this past year...also enjoyed some great rides on Goliath at SFOG, and Wild Eagle and Thunderhead at Dollywood.

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it was a SUPER light Theme Park year for us (we were dealing with some medical issues since late June, but luckily found out just prior to Thanksgiving those magic words: "full remission").


so next year's looking like it's going to be a BIG one! We are doing that planned trip thru Penn in late May, so that will give us great options for next year's list!


but as to 2013? From our limited choices:


1) Desperado (Buffalo Bill's in Primm)

2) Canyon Blaster (Circus Circus in Vegas)

3) Enterprise (Playland, Vancouver. . . not a coaster, but been really missing Enterprise, since Fiesta pulled theirs out (Which was really the original Spinnaker from SFoT). So no Enterprise in Texas parks we go to

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