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  1. Yes!! City Museum for the win! Definitely one of the best locations non-park locations. It's even better to get crazy drunk and take the place over. Been here on two separate TPR tours, it has always been one of the major highlights!
  2. Great photo TR guys!! Nice to see that my old home park is looking great and always seeking to improve. The best ride in the park is definitely the ARM drop tower, and Desert Storm isn't bad, it's a fun ride to get a quick coaster fix. The arcade is definitely worth checking out, has some really fun retro games and offers great shelter to the summer heat.
  3. Wow, beautiful photos Jake!! That was such a gorgeous seaside park and fun-filled day! Tornado ERT was so AMAZING, and can't forget about the unusually "rape-esque" dolphin show. Damn I miss this trip and the Scandi culture in general.
  4. Nice update on what's going on at Hershey. I'm loving the addition of whoopee pies, they're such delicious treats . As far as the addition of Moe's, I've yet to eat at one, as we don't have them here in the southwest. I've always been curious to try them though, one of these days I shall; I am moving out east this fall. I miss Hershey, can't wait til my next visit to the park.
  5. Wow, loved the opening day photos Chuck. As always BGW looks amazing, even when all the foliage is still dormant. Having ridden it's west coast brother, Tempesto should be a great new addition for the park and a very solid launched coaster. I might actually make it out to the park within the next week and a half, still don't know my upcoming itinerary. However if I don't, that just means I'll have to come later in the season when a new credit is available. As always, I love photo TRs of BGW, one of the most beautiful parks I've been to, and in true Busch Gardens fashion a nice solid coaster line-up.
  6. Love the photos of Power Park Jake! This park was definitely at the top of the list for most memorable visits of the trip. The TPR Grand Prix the next morning was such a fun time, I was both surprised and glad when I made it into the final 15. I can't resist a good go-kart course. I can't wait to see how their new coaster turns out, guess I'll need another trip to Finland & Scandi soon.
  7. Wow, thanks for posting all of those amazing pics Craig! I really want to make it to Blackpool eventually, and this photo TR was very well done and enticing. So many great classic attractions and I'm a sucker for a well done dark ride. Thank you for the tour of the hotel as well, it looked excellent and made me want to book a stay ASAP.
  8. Wow, great photos Chad! I enjoy World's of Fun a lot, it's really one of the nicer small CF parks. And I really find Kansas City to be a fun metro area, especially the power & light district and west-port areas. The Haunt photos are enticing me to schedule this park for next year, after all I could always use some more PROWLER!
  9. Wow, great photo TR of KD's Haunt Chuck! It looks like a really solid event, I'll check it out in the future. This year I was only able to attend one event so far, and it was at SFGADv. for their Fright Fest. It's been a dream of mine to be able to take the month of October off and just do nothing but theme park Halloween events. Maybe some day!
  10. I've only ridden 3 of the new coasters for 2014. Here's what I think of them. Thunderbolt: Very great looking ride visually, but once you get on it, whole different story!! I don't know how it hurts so badly, I really think that the trains they're using are to blame. Very weird ride, I was hoping to enjoy it, I was wrong. Zamperla should stick to the flat rides market. Probably my least favorite new coaster of 2014. Helix: Very fun and exciting ride experience from start to finish. I really enjoyed our rides on Helix this past summer on the Scandi Trip. Our ERT session was a blast! Helix is a solid ride at a beautiful and amazing park. My only complaint about the ride is that the launches did feel a bit weak. It's definitely a top 15 ride for me and my favorite new coaster of 2014. Firechaser Express: Very fun family coaster! Loved the setting of the ride, it felt very "Disney-esque". All I can say is Dollywood built a great family coaster.
  11. I'm really looking forward to Impulse at Knoebels. It is definitely a good fit as the park's first major recent steel coaster installment. And plus, who doesn't love a good reason to go back to visit Knoebels and Pennsylvania in general. Of the Six Flags RMC projects for next year, I'm definitely more excited for Wicked Cyclone than Twisted Colossus, sorry SFMM. The Wicked Cyclone project overall looks to be the more solid ride of the two. But I can't judge them before I'm able to ride them, I'm sure they will both be fun rides! I have yet to ride a coaster by RMC that I didn't enjoy. The addition of Thunderbird is also nice, despite it being a B&M Wing Rider. I've been looking for a reason to go back and visit Holiday World. Maybe I can make a journey out there this summer and visit the other parks nearby.
  12. Wow, thanks for sharing such amazing pics of Liseberg Jake! Liseberg was easily one of the best parks I've been to, and one of my favorites from the Scandi Trip. Balder was GREAT, made my top 5 wood coasters, I think it's number 1 or 2 actually. Had such a great day at Liseberg, beautiful park, great city, and you can't forget the amazing burgers and ice cream we had at lunch. I love reliving the memories through the photo TRs.
  13. Wow Jason, nice pictures man, thanks for that great tour of CW's new attraction. It looks like a really fun ride and damn those queues looked busy, seems like its hitting off well with the locals. Looks like I should plan a return visit to CW soon.
  14. Wow, Helix is looking more amazing by the day! I can't believe how massive that queue building is for the ride, I'm sure it'll utilize all of it. Can't wait to ride it in June.
  15. Wow Kevin, great photo TR man! It's like I'm reliving that great trip all over again! I can't wait to see more!
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