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  1. "Adult weight" seems to be something of an issue, as local channel 3 news is reporting a guest of 220pds (one of their own employees) was only allowed on one slide(they did not say which one); actually saying the limit on all slides except that one, is 180pds. I'm hoping that's just a case of incorrect information. Does Draper have such restrictions on any of their slides? News went on to say its a safety issue that should be worked out in the coming week or two, but sounded tentative if that restriction would be able to be lifted on all the slides or just select ones... I'm right around 225. Sucks if I can't ride, but even so, I hope the park enjoys great success!! ________________ Edit: Seems the news did get it wrong. Cowabunga Bay replied to the speculation, on their FB page, that there is one slide with the 180pd limit, and hopefully that will be increased after modifications. I'm gonna move ahead with my plans to visit next week!
  2. DRAT! Medical procedure now scheduled for just days prior has put this off for me. Still, I be able to be at PPP in Oct, so not all is lost.
  3. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Just thanks. I was in my suit having coffee, ready for work when I stopped in TPR for a quick look-see. Checked up on your park and all the recent photo updates and aerial tours , and ended up drooling all over myself. I mean it, it's not pretty. My light blue shirt is now dark blue. Well, the front is anyway. Afraid when it dries (if, rather; it's fairly well soaked now) it'll show dark splotches due to the coffee-infused spittle. No time for one-hour martinizing. Drat... Seriously though, another big thanks. Soooooo looking forward to your opening. Park looks awesome!I am a sucker for a good shooting gallery, btw. This town needed one.
  4. Fun! Thanks for the updates. A bigger thanks for persevering! Looks like a great antidote for Meh-N-Mild.
  5. jlines; Currently I have just Friday and I will need to be back to work Mon eve in Vegas. It is possible that I can take Thursday off as well, but that's a big unknown until about three weeks out. I already have Disney on the books for early August with some friends from WA and their kids, (though I wouldn't be averse to going back at all; love it), couple that with PPP in early October (missed it as well last year, and FT frickin' opened!!), and work is, well, not thrilled that I want to take time off in early August for Disney, then again in early Sept for WCB, and some more time in early Oct for PPP (wait till they hear how I would like to go to IAAPA in Nov, lol). Anyway, more time off in Sept isn't likely to get approved. So for now, Friday is up in the air. I may just leave that way and see where most folks are ending up on Friday, and make that my add-on. Would be cool to meet y'all!
  6. Extreme Awesomeness!! Wasn't able to make it last year, but will be there for this one. Now, what to do as a Friday add-on: Disney? Universal? Seaworld/Belmont? Or finally make the L.A. County Fair? Decisions, decisions...
  7. "Action fans, help us!" In the context it was spoken, I'm not sure I've ever laughed harder.
  8. Recently watched: Rubber - Amusing experiment that needed a little more...something, to make it worthy of its rep. Still enjoyable, but nothing I'd watch again. Recommended only for those who enjoy films that are waaaaaay off the beaten path. CATWS - Much better than the first, which I already liked. I'd rank it behind Avengers and the first Ironman in the Marvel cannon. Highly recommended. Jeff, Who Lives at Home - Fine character study that was a little underdeveloped, with an ending that didn't seem logistically correct though it served the story. Acting was very good and that, along with a warm-hearted premise, helped it thru it shortcomings. Overall recommended for the art/indie crowd. Aeon Flux - Never saw the series; knew nothing about it. Liked it, a lot actually. Don't understand all the vitriol flung its way. I am aware of the arguments, and I just don't agree with them. Yes, the lead actor's performance comes across as "off"/stilted/wooden/etc, but after the reveal of who he is and what his character has gone thru, he would be numb and joyless, so it fit just fine. Also, the story wasn't confusing at all, IMO. I liked the look, the visuals, the plot, and enjoyed Theron. This, I would watch again. Recommended eXistenZ - Second viewing after first watching years ago. Still as awesome as ever! Cronenberg's mindf*** movies are the best of their kind. Highly, enthusiastically recommended. A Fantastic Fear of Everything - Simon Pegg is solid in this very offbeat and polarizing dark comedy. While I liked it a lot, I can see why others would call it rubbish. The tone is all over the place, which is fine by me since it suits the story being told most of the time. My kind of film, though I wish it hadn't changed the narrative's focus after the first 2/3rds; it settles for a far too conventional third act compared to what had come before that. Recommended, again for connoisseurs of offbeat cinema.
  9. Looking great! Love waterparks, but somehow haven't been able to muster the enthusiasm to return to WetnMild this year, even with the new attraction. But this park I am very much looking forward to.
  10. That was great!! Best part was there was practically no one there from 2-4 or so. Rode at least a half dozen times; my thighs are pissed about that, lol! That first drop wants to eject you, very aggressively, regardless of where you sit. That lap bar [with maybe a belt assist ] is your one and only line of defense, and your thighs will take the brunt of the force, or at least mine did. They serve the same function on the air to be found at the top of coming out of the first dive loop. Nice air at both spots. I swear I got a few rides (most?) where the mid course brakes did not engage. That or they are very, very, very, completely unnoticeable. I noticed on my second ride that the car really took that outside turn much faster than my first ride, which was only a few minutes earlier. Still, I make no 100% claim that the MCB did not engage occasionally, just that it seemed that way. Maybe it is a function of how many other, if any, cars are on the track. The crew was very adamant about not having anything in your pockets, though they were willing to take your word for it. That hang time is as serious as the videos show, not that anyone is shocked by that... The Dome has a winner. But what surprised me was that even as slow as it was, there was still way more people on Canyon Blaster than were lining up for El Loco. Nothing at all against CB, but... really, seriously?!?
  11. Any idea if it is for the day, or just a few hours? I think I'll head down there when I'm free; should be there around 2:30pm.
  12. For me, I got to open that day at work; requested the night off after 6pm for a bday dinner and then celebration at Dino's. Gonna go at some point on Tues the 18th; never ridden a coaster on its opening day before.
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